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Citrix Stratodesk Partnership UKCUGC

Stratodesk and Citrix: Why our Partnership Matters

Stratodesk has recently announced that Stratodesk NoTouch OS has achieved certification for Citrix Ready® Cloud…

As Stratodesk Heads to HIMSS 2022, Here's What's Changed for Healthcare IT

As Stratodesk Heads to HIMSS 2022, Here’s What’s Changed for Healthcare IT

The pandemic, the ensuing supply shortage, and an increasingly mobile healthcare workforce are all challenges…

Introducing Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.3.508 (EAR) & NoTouch Center 4.5.294

Introducing Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.3.508 (EAR) & NoTouch Center 4.5.294

Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.3.508, which is currently EAR, has been released and includes Citrix Workspace…

Introducing Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.3.463 and NoTouch Center 4.5.264

Just released, Stratodesk NoTouch OS includes two updates this month. The first release this month…

Stratodesk Supports Cisco Webex Teams and Meetings for Citrix and VMware Horizon Environments

Cisco Webex Teams is an easy-to-use collaboration solution that keeps people and teamwork connected anytime,…

Five Ways VDI Will Grow In 2022 Thanks to Hybrid Work

Demand for VDI continues to surge. A recent report finds that the VDI market will…

Demember 2021 – Newsletter

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Stratodesk NoTouch LTS helps IT teams ensure their VDI/DaaS deployment

Stratodesk released Stratodesk NoTouch Long Term Support (LTS), delivering security and Day One updates including…

2021 Wrap Up - Everything that happened at Stratodesk

Stratodesk’s Greatest Hits from 2021 – A Year in Review

We all hoped for a better year in 2021 – and at Stratodesk, we certainly…

VMblog 2021 Mega Series Q&A: Stratodesk Enabling Hybrid Work for Enterprises Around the World

In today's Q&A, we're speaking with industry expert, Rich Severson, VP Global Solutions Engineering at…

Install NoTouch OS

How to Install Stratodesk NoTouch OS

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