Started in 2001 by LISCON Informationstechnologie GmbH in Austria, the LISCON Thin Client product range has been available for over a decade, satisfying customer needs with Thin Clients, at that time specifically focused on Central Europe. Stratodesk has acquired LISCON’s assets in 2010 and has been supporting the products in the Central European region.


Stratodesk does not build any hardware, but instead forms partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers provide the necessary Thin Client systems that – together with Stratodesk software – make up the awesome final product; in this case, thin clients from Hewlett-Packard (HP) and VXL are used. The operating system NoTouch OS powers these Thin Clients and they can be managed with NoTouch Center as much as any other NoTouch installation. Of course, customers do not have to install any software, the devices come with software already installed.

Existing LISCON clients can be upgraded to Stratodesk NoTouch OS easily, depending on their hardware capabilities. The Stratodesk NoTouch Center product serves as a game-changing upgrade to LISCON Management Console, adding a tremendous amount of new features, easing the life of system administrators and CIOs.

liscon tc g620NoTouch Desktop™ is available globally; if you are looking specifically for LISCON Thin Clients these are available from the following fine distributors in Central Europe: