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NoTouch Desktop/LISCON 2.31.0 and 2.28.9

New Citrix Receiver 12, Firefox 8.0, Flash Plugin 10 and much improved boot time – these are the highlight of just released version 2.31.0. The new software update is available for all customers in the download section. More information, compatibility issues and security advices may be found in the release notes.

New Features 2.31.0

  • New Citriy Receiver 12.0.189834
  • Firefox 8.0
  • Flash Plugin 11.0
  • Persistent Framework for live boot
  • Much improved boot time
  • Availability of firmware images with GZIP compressing instead of LZMA (images are slightly larger, but much faster boot time)


  • Updated to newest tzdata timezone database
  • LaunchPA and PN improvements
  • Integrated PulseAudio Sound Server
  • CDC/ACM device mapping for ICA and RDP

Fixed problems

  • System might not connect to XenApp 6.5 and XenDesktop 5.1


For hardware with less flash memory Stratodesk is still providing images based on 2.28. The new image 2.28.9 is also available in the download section. Please consult the release notes for more detailed information.

New Features

  • Citrix Receiver 11.121


  • CDC/ACM as COM Port support mapping for ICA connections
  • PN Improvements
  • More audio-related information in support file

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