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EPOS, which specializes in cutting-edge audio and video solutions for improved communication and collaboration, has partnered with Stratodesk. Together, we bring you seamless integration of EPOS audio devices and management software with the secure and managed software – Stratodesk NoTouch…

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Through this partnership with Stratodesk, Lenovo offers tailored end-user computing solutions for today's hybrid work environment. The solutions are easily accessible through a network of integrators and resellers, providing diverse form factor options for every user and use case. Check…

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In collaboration with Stratodesk, Dell has formed a powerful partnership to deliver customized end-user computing solutions that cater to the demands of today's hybrid work environment. These solutions are readily accessible through a vast network of integrators and resellers, offering…

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The Leostream Platform provides brokering and remote access for VDI and hosted desktops. To learn more about the integration, watch our tech talk.

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Stratodesk and ThinPrint partnership


Stratodesk and ThinPrint have been working together to provide a top-notch printing solution for your VDI and server-based computing environment. With comprehensive print support and management, ThinPrint solves the common challenges faced by organizations when implementing printing into their VDI.

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SentryBay partnered with Stratodesk to provide a powerful defense against cyber threats in BYOD environments. The solution offers enhanced protection for keylogging, DLL injection, and screen scraping vulnerabilities across a wealth of endpoints, including thin clients, personal computing devices, and…

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