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LG Thin Clients

Powered by NoTouch OS

Benefit from one standardized, secure, and powerful VDI/DaaS endpoint environment with Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop. Easily deploy Stratodesk software via Live Boot, local boot via USB Stick/CD-ROM or PXE/Network Boot instantly. Seamlessly manage all devices from the convenience of one location, regardless of make model or manufacturer.

Best Thin Client

38″ class Curved UltraWide Thin Client Monitor

Are you in need of a space saving Thin Client alternative for your desks, medical carts, or shared workstations? Maybe you want to consolidate multiple devices into one? The LG All-in-One Thin Client Monitor simplifies end user experience by combining a high quality monitor with a powerful Thin Client.

Currently available as a 38-inch curved Ultrawide Thin Client Monitor, the All-in-One is uniquely designed for your office, with a built-in camera, and wireless/Bluetooth connectivity. The large, curved screen boosts productivity by giving you an experience similar to dual view while eliminating extra Windows management burden.

24″ Class Widescreen Thin Client Monitor

For more standard use cases, LG provides the 24-inch Widescreen Thin Client Monitor. The more compact screen is perfect for workspaces with limited room or for offices that can benefit from a space saving design. Complete with built-in speaker, the 24” class Widescreen Thin Client Monitor combines your computer and monitor while delivering on security, convenience, and style.

Key Features

  • Easy Installation with Space Saving Design
  • Built-in Speaker
  • IPS Display
  • Fanless Design
LG Thin Client
LG Thin Client

Thin Client Control Box

The Thin Client Control Box is another great option for any business or organization looking to scale their VDI/DaaS deployment. It mounts easily on your wall to provide extra space – your users hardly need to know it is there. At the same time, they benefit from all the apps and data they need. Additional benefits include:

Key Features

  • 4GB RAM and 32GB SSD
  • Citrix, VMware, MS RDP
  • Wall Mount (VESA)
  • Quiet, cool operation (Fanless)

You can deploy Stratodesk onto LG Thin Client Monitors or any other Thin Client Monitor easily. For more information on how this is done, take a look at the video to learn more.

Who Benefits from NoTouch Desktop

System administrators: NoTouch Desktop creates a no-maintenance environment by repurposing existing devices once and for all

CIOs: get a cost-effective approach to endpoint computing. No hardware vendor lock-in

IT companies: maximize value for clients by maintaining SLAs and staying flexible when it comes to hardware

Thin Client vendors: invest in the best Linux-based operating system and the best management tool for your product portfolio

Hosted solution providers: lower the entry bar for your clients by removing the need to maintain a costly Windows OS

Companies using BYOD: NoTouch Desktop supports BYOD. Run NoTouch OS from a USB stick on any device –anywhere, anytime

Boost Security

Because NoTouch OS is Linux based, it is essentially impervious to common malware attacks and security threats facing x86 or Raspberry Pi devices. It also defends against third party applications, which makes it very unlikely for a security breach to occur.

Connect to all Major VDI Environments

Stratodesk Thin Clients connect to all major VDI environments including: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon View with Blast Extreme and PCoIP and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. With full multimedia capabilities, enhanced security features, integrated Firefox and Chromium Browser and unbeatable peripheral support, NoTouch OS sets new standards in Thin Client computing.

Powerful, Reliable LG Hardware Driven by NoTouch OS

By combining our feature rich NoTouch OS with next generation All-in-One hardware, businesses, enterprises, and healthcare organizations have access to one of the most seamless endpoint management and user experiences available on the market.

Manage with NoTouch Center

The only management solution for both x86 and Raspberry Pi Thin Clients, NoTouch Center is the premiere browser based administration software that helps IT administrators manage, configure and update converted PCs, Thin Clients, laptops and Raspberry Pis –all from one place. By supporting inheritance of settings, groups can be easily created, configured and kept in sync. NoTouch Center supports multiple user roles, monitoring, asset management/inventory, Helpdesk, certificates, and more.


LG and Stratodesk Partnership

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