Any educational institution typically separates students and faculty/staff networks, with additional challenges in the student networks (changing users on individual machines, higher abuse risk). NoTouch is the right solution for both use cases, faculty and students.

While IT organizations differ significantly – of course – between highschool and university, technical challenges are similar:

  • The switch to virtual desktop computing or terminal servers pulled resources over to the server side, leaving little time, budget and nerves over the desktops
  • Desktops are expected to be highly available from faculty, and under constant threat by good-spirited but overly-interested students
  • Different management frameworks for different classes of PCs (Windows versions), different brands of Thin Clients make endpoint administration a nightmare

Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop solves theses issues, making it the number one choice for educational institutions, no matter if run with Citrix, VMware, Quest, Microsoft or other VDI implementations:

K-12, Pre- and Highschool

School districts may even use one NoTouch Center installation for all of their sites. Different administrator roles can be assigned, and the software can be hosted off-premise or on-premise. NoTouch Desktop allows to reuse older machines along new PCs or Thin Clients, boot from local hard drive as well as from the network (PXE). This allows to quickly boot from PCs whether or not the original OS on machines should be changed or not.

Higher Education, Colleges and Universities

Running a large faculty network is very similar to a situation in an enterprise company, yet the student network poses similar challenges as in a highschool or any other public facility.

NoTouch Desktop benefits

  • Extremely easy to set up and use. Spend not one minute too much in reading complex manual, do not attend time-consuming training. Download, explore, use. It is made to be as easy as it can be.
  • Hardware agnostic. NoTouch runs on standard PCs, and also on Thin Clients: whatever you have bought yesterday, it won’t be in your way today and tomorrow. NoTouch OS runs on all these machines and manages them all. NoTouch allows you to reuse existing hardware as well as buy new.
  • Fault-tolerant architecture. Our system is designed carefully so that not one component failure can bring the whole system down.
  • Central Management. Includes tactical overview, group-based multilevel inheritance and individual group and client actions.
  • Cost effective with educational-friendly pricing. It may be tempting to do nothing at all or go with so-called “free” tools for simple Windows lock-down. But these add complexity, they don’t reduce complexity. NoTouch builds on open-source software, but comes as a packaged ready-to-go-solution with commercial support for a very little price, so it combines the best of both worlds. Educational discounts available.
  • Fast and free support. Our basic e-mail support is free and you most likely won’t need any premium options.

NoTouch is a great platform for education – contact us for more information and customer testimonials or simply download our free trial!