Windows XP and XPe Upgrade

NoTouch – a drop-in-replacement for aging Windows XP (and XPE)

How many PCs are still out there working with Windows XP? How many of them are actually just used to connect to Citrix, Terminal Servers, or similar? Microsoft ends support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014 – this includes the stop of delivery of security hotfixes. All those machines that are out there including those that running in an more-or-less-unmaintained state as self-baked VDI terminals, with or without some lock-down-tools, will pose an even greater risk to the integrity and security of your organization; plus the ever-increasing management nightmare of having to cope with so many platforms. One can purchase extended support, but this very costly (said to be >$200 per year per desktop).

Similarly, support for Windows XP Embedded (XPe) has already ended. The problem is that so many people have bought Thin Client devices based on Windows XP Embedded and do not even know that they are running this platform and don’t know that they are using ticking timebombs – unmaintained operating systems – in their corporate networks.

Both problems can be solved can easily be solved with Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop. NoTouch Desktop replaces Windows XP on PCs, and Windows XP Embedded on Thin Clients, yielding some immediate benefits:

  • Software-only upgrade
  • No need to buy new hardware or upgrade the hardware
  • State-of-the-art VDI connectivity with latest Citrix, VMware Horizon View, Quest, Microsoft RDP clients, web browser, and much more
  • One single management framework for different devices
  • One single consistent end user experience
  • Commercially supported, enterprise-grade product

NoTouch Center provides a single management framework and one uniform administration view on all different endpoint devices. Even if you start buying new hardware devices, this won’t change – you can run NoTouch OS on these new machines as well. Your endusers will enjoy the single user interface, cutting training cost and decreasing number of support requests. Try it yourself: NoTouch FreeTrial

Windows XPE based Thin Clients

Thin Client hardware providers are reluctant to keep working on XPe, first because Microsoft doesn’t supply security fixes any more and hardware vendors like to sell new hardware.

NoTouch Desktop can run on all Thin Clients that run Windows XP Embedded. Another proof how efficient NoTouch is – even Windows XPe that is already several years old, has higher requirements than today’s NoTouch.

Even if one had good reasons to use Windows XPe over, say, Linux-based Thin Clients several years ago, these assumptions usually don’t apply any more with modern Virtual Desktops: For instance, USB forwarding was not possible five years ago, but it is now.

Try it yourself: NoTouch FreeTrial