DaaS / Hosted Desktops

Running VDI or any form of server based computing on your premises is requires a shift of paradigm (when starting from a typical Windows PC network), management attention and money, whether you are in a small business or an enterprise company. While NoTouch can really make the endpoint management a piece of cake, there is no doubt about complexity and cost on the server side, no matter if you use Citrix, VMware Horizon View, or any other virtualization product. Fortunately, there is an alternative that is gaining popularity very rapidly: D-a-a-S (DaaS/Desktops as a service), or cloud hosted desktops, or HVD (hosted virtual desktops). DaaS gets supercharged by NoTouch.

The whole market of hosted desktops is emerging; the technology and Internet connections are mature; and cloud computing is being adopted with great pace. Stratodesk and DaaS pioneer Desktone, now part of VMware, have been in a partnership for years; Desktone does not directly offer DaaS but rather provides a software stack that DaaS providers can use to offer their services. Leading DaaS providers work with Stratodesk to have joint product offerings. tuCloud, a well known DaaS provider, leverages Stratodesk in their DaaS deployments to lower their customers costs.

Companies switching over to DaaS get all the benefits of DaaS – what would be the point of getting DaaS desktops for all your users, when you still have to manage, update, patch, clean, reinstall the old Windows on your PCs? (The same question of course applies to on-premise-VDI-solutions). What is the point of spending tons of money on Thin Client hardware when you still have PCs that are technically capable of being a DaaS endpoint? We suggest to buy Thin Clients, but when necessary, and not when forced to do so.

For DaaS providers, NoTouch Desktop is a great add-on to any DaaS offering as it lowers the technical entry bar and provides a cost-effective way to repurpose PCs and thin client devices to become true cloud terminals. As NoTouch Center is a web-based product that supports full encryption and security when talking to client machines it can also be used over the Internet or VPN, thus it can be hosted by the service provider as well. Stratodesk provides custom branding and other customization services together with world-class backend support to create a true unique product offering.

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