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Create Teradici PCoIP Connection to Local Server or to Amazon Workspaces

We include the current Teradici Software in NoTouch OS, however in order to use this, you must have an active Teradici Software client licence applied via NoTouch Center.

You can do this at either group or device level. Firstly select your device or group, then click ‘Licences’ ‘PCOIP’ and then finally, ‘Add’


Then reboot the device.

To create the connection, go to ‘Group Settings’ and select ‘New Connection’


For ‘Connection Mode’ select Teradici PCoIP and for ‘Connection Target’ enter the target URL or if you are using Amazon Workspaces enter the registration code.


To apply the change, click ‘Announce’

Note: If you are using the Teradici PCoIP Software client to connect to Amazon Workspaces, then you may need to enable MFA which will generate a unique MFA token every 30 seconds.