Thin Clients

Stratodesk partners create powerful, fanless, cost-effective, compact Thin Client hardware – Stratodesk creates NoTouch Desktop software; both components together form an amazing endpoint solution; an unprecedented solution for all your endpoints, old and new, local and remote, PCs and TCs, x86 and ARM.

Stratodesk is a 100% pure software company – that’s why we seek to establish partnerships with the most excellent hardware manufacturers, making it easy for customer to get a combined hardware+software product without any installation needs.

  • 10ZiG Thin Clients with NoTouch Desktops are available directly from 10ZiG Technology Ltd.
  • Stratodesk-sold Thin Clients are based on hardware by Hewlett-Packard (HP) and VXL, available from our European distributors.

Yesterday’s Thin Client vendors like to lock their customers in, combine the cheapest hardware with listlessly-made software. Even though some did/do a great marketing job, customers soon become dissatisfied and have to switch back to Windows PCs, incurring a management nightmare. Stratodesk, together with partners, however is so disruptive to this model – customers are always free to buy whatever hardware they want, our management solution will manage anything that runs NoTouch, wether you buy it from our partners or anybody else! It’s your money and your freedom of decision!

Interested in becoming a partner? Please contact us!