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NoTouch Slack Community

Welcome to the Stratodesk NoTouch Community on Slack. We’re so glad to have you join the conversation with us and other like-minded technology professionals and leaders. In this community we discuss the latest trends facing the future of not only NoTouch software, but the entire EUC space at large.

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Joining the NoTouch Slack Community (NSC) is easy.

Why join?

  • Never Stop Learning: NoTouch software has an incredible ecosystem of partners and it integrates with ground breaking software solutions
  • Connect with IT Thought Leaders: IT leaders, EUC & IIoT bloggers and tech business champions join the NoTouch Community
  • Get Answers From Your Peers: lastly, the NSC is a great way to get real time answers from other NoTouch enthusiasts like yourself

Get the most out of the NoTouch Slack Community by following these general instructions.

Once you are in, you will find that we have already created several different channels for your convenience.

#general is where you will first land. For general conversations and topics related to NoTouch, Stratodesk and EUC news and trends.

#random – A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you’d prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels.

#notouch-os – You guessed it! This NoTouch OS channel is for NoTouch OS specific topics.

#notouch-center – Likewise, this one is for NoTouch Center specific discussions.

#notouch-iot – In addition to EUC, NoTouch software is an ideal solution for IoT deployments. Here, IoT enthusiasts discuss relevant IoT news and info, including how NoTouch IoT is being used to innovate work processes in multiple industries.

#knowledge-base – Here you can also request new Knowledge Base updates and also find existing ones.

#new-release – Stratodesk has the most ambitious release schedule of any solution on the market. Here you can learn more about and discuss the latest NoTouch releases.

#syntax-commands – Learn and ask about NoTouch software syntax and commands on this channel.

#how-to-videos – Find all how-to videos here for NoTouch Desktop software. Feel free to suggest ideas for additional how-to videos you think would be beneficial. We know our tech team would love to make them ;)

#feature-request – Our devoted NoTouch users are a great source for inspiration in regards to new features. We love hearing directly from the source what features would make our users’ lives better.

#blogs-news – Blogs/news from Stratodesk and others related to VDI-EUC.

#stratodesk-events – Webinars, conferences, meetings and events that Stratodesk participates in as well as other events related to VDI and EUC.

Community Rules and Guidlines

  • Be kind
  • No soliciting
  • Only post in the channels that are relevant to the topic you wish to discuss. Irrelevant posts will be removed
  • Communication is in English
  • Our general Privacy Policy applies to NSC
  • Full names are not displayed
  • Emails are not displayed


  • Ask questions
  • Helping others and providing answers to questions is a great way to build respect and thought leadership — not just looking for help to your problems
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