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PC Repurposing

Minimum Requirements

PC / Thin Client device
4GB of storage

No 3rd-party dependencies

Get a small-footprint OS for all your endpoints – without any 3rd-party dependencies, not even a Windows operating system

Retain hardware freedom

Don’t let yourself be locked in by a traditional Thin Client vendor – separate hardware from software and retain your freedom to decide what hardware brand you want to buy.

Multiple boot options

Run NoTouch OS on your hard drive, live from PXE/network boot, USB, or CD-ROM and retain the freedom to change your mind at any time

Maintenance free

Enjoy the peace of mind of a maintenance free endpoint solution

A select list of top-notch hardware brands that work seamlessly with NoTouch OS. Tested and proven.

Stratodesk and HP PArtnership

NoTouch OS is the leading PC Repurposing solution for organizations implementing VDI. With NoTouch OS PC repurposing you can leverage existing PCs, Laptops, Thin Clients and Raspberry Pis by transforming them into high performing endpoints. These high performing endpoints can then be centrally managed from one location by you or your sysadmin.

NoTouch OS PC repurposing leverages the full power of your mixed VDI environment by standardizing your endpoints and keeping them secure and up to date.

Streamline Endpoint Management

Manage thousands of devices from one location using NoTouch Center’s easy-to-use and intuitive management interface. Save IT management hours when you manage your entire VDI with NoTouch Center.

Save on Hardware Costs

Eliminate the need for capital investments of hardware by repurposing your existing hardware into high performing endpoints. NoTouch OS is hardware agnostic and runs on 99% of all existing hardware, even the most cutting edge x86 and Raspberry Pi Devices.

Boost Security

NoTouch OS removes the need for you to invest in malware or antivirus. Keep your data safe with the #1 most secure, Linux based OS. Not only is NoTouch impervious to common exploits facing x86 devices, it’s also protects against devices being damaged or stolen. Cancel your antivirus and Windows-PC-management-software contracts and save big bucks.

Highly Scalable

NoTouch OS runs on the newest and most cutting edge x86 and Raspberry Pi devices out there. NoTouch OS scales up indefinitely and can manage multiple worksites as well as offline and on the go workers.

NoTouch Means No Maintenance

Once NoTouch OS is installed onto your endpoints, those endpoints require zero maintenance. All necessary updates can be performed instantly from one browser in one central location.

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