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Thin Client Support for Microsoft Teams Optimization

Stratodesk NoTouch is the leading EUC management and OS software solution supporting Microsoft Teams Optimization for Citrix and VMware Horizon thin VDI endpoints.

Try Stratodesk NoTouch for Free.

One Operating System for all your x86 and ARM Based Endpoints

Convert any PC, Laptop, Thin Client or Raspberry Pi device into a Thin Endpoint – NoTouch OS is 100% hardware agnostic.

Install NoTouch OS Instantly

Rollout NoTouch OS onto thousands of devices instantly.

Manage, Configure and Update from your Browser

Manage your VDI ecosystem made up of thousands of devices –laptops, PCs, Thin Clients and Raspberry Pis.

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NoTouch Software

NoTouch OS

NoTouch OS

NoTouch OS is the endpoint operating system of choice for your VDI environment on the market. Capable of running on the most cutting edge Thin Client, Laptop, PC and Raspberry Pi devices, NoTouch OS is your #1 choice for a centrally managed endpoint solution.

NoTouch Center

NoTouch Center

NoTouch Center is the #1 endpoint management solution for VDI. Capable of managing your devices on premises or from the cloud, NoTouch Center is the only solution able to effectively manage x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi based devices in the same environment.

Technology Integrations

Stratodesk has a large and ever growing family of leading technology partners. By working with so many, we are able to ensure the widest range of third party integrations and solve more use cases than any other solution on the market.

Stratodesk NoTouch Ecosystem Diagram

Trusted by thousands of successful organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises across multiple industries including healthcare, education, government, financial among others.

Selected Customers

Join these leading brands and over 6000 others by making the switch to smarter endpoint management.

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