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VMware Horizon 

Whether you are planning to use VMware Horizon View or you already have it and want to scale up your VDI –either way you are going to need an endpoint OS and management solution that is easy to use and scales indefinitely.

VMware Horizon Users Face These Obstacles Implementing VDI

High Security Expenses

Without standardized endpoints, you will spend vasts amounts of cash on security updates and Windows fixes. Not to mention the countless IT staff hours required to manage your devices.

Massive Hardware Investment

You may be thinking of investing in all new hardware devices or Thin Clients. Thin Clients are pricey and replacing all of your devices  will cost a fortune.

Management Nightmare

Even after purchasing your new Thin Clients or Zero Clients you will still need to manage and update Windows or a combination of Windows and Linux operating systems on multiple different devices.

The Benefits of NoTouch Desktop

NoTouch Desktop is the endpoint OS and endpoint management solution for your VMware Horizon environment. Complete with Blast Extreme, PCoIP RDP, full USB forwarding and smart card reader, NoTouch Desktop migrates your existing Windows PC into a hassle free and easy to manage Thin Client with the newest VMware Horizon client already included.

VMware Horizon View Client Stratodesk

VMware Horizon Client

Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS has the VMware Horizon Client already included. Supports Blast Extreme, PCOIP, and RDP.

Cut Your Security Bill

Cancel your malware and antivirus contracts and save money. Because NoTouch OS is Linux based, it is impervious to common malware or security exploits.

Leverage Existing Hardware

Repurpose your existing hardware to high performing Thin Clients. With NoTouch Desktop there’s no need for pricey hardware investments.

Standardize Endpoints

Decrease management time and streamline your process with one look and feel across all your endpoints. NoTouch OS has the VMware Horizon Client (with Blast Extreme, PCoIP and RDP) already built in.

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Unlock the full effect of your VMware VDI with these added benefits of NoTouch Desktop including:

NoTouch OS Doesn’t Need Windows in Order to Run

NoTouch OS replaces the need to have Windows installed on local devices. NoTouch can run side-by-side with Windows, inside Windows for BYOD deployments or replace Windows altogether.

Certificate handling

Painlessly manage certificates via NoTouch Center. Our intuitive interface allows for drag and drop and setting groups and user roles.

Multi Monitor/Dual Screen

Multi Monitor and Dual Screen are fully supported on NoTouch OS.

Multiple Boot Options

Decide how you run it. Boot live to enable BYOD, install via a CD Rom or Flash Drive, or instantly deploy onto thousands of devices using PXE Boot.

USB Forwarding and Smartcard Support

NoTouch supports forwarding of USB devices as well as smart card readers, including CAC readers,  for login purposes.

Simple Pricing Structure

Just one price – that includes the endpoint OS, the management, and the PXE virtual appliance. No hidden fees or costs.


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