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The Ultra-Secure OS for Healthcare

Stratodesk NoTouch, the ultra-secure endpoint operating system (OS) empowers healthcare organizations worldwide with flexibility, adaptability, and robust security features.

NoTouch for Healthcare




Hardware Agnostic

Unleash the Power of Stratodesk Software for Healthcare IT Leaders

Adjust to any healthcare use case scenario with ease.

In the world of healthcare IT, unique challenges are part of the day-to-day. IT leaders choose Stratodesk NoTouch because of its flexibility, allowing them to respond successfully to challenges as they arise.

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Get remote workers setup and ready to go within a matter of minutes.

In addition to the crucial task of provisioning, imaging, and maintaining endpoints for healthcare professionals within hospitals, IT also faces the challenge of ensuring that remote and hybrid workers have the necessary tools to perform their jobs effectively while maintaining security.

With Stratodesk, healthcare IT can effortlessly onboard new users in a matter of minutes, a capability that can truly be lifesaving during critical surgeries or emergency situations.

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Ease internal and external compliance and rest assured of unfaltering security.

Stratodesk delivers timely, powerful security benefits to enterprises on the cutting edge. No matter what you do, Stratodesk has you covered. From updating endpoints, to monitoring your entire fleet of devices, to ensuring the right people have access to the right data at exactly the right time – Stratodesk is the solution to ensure your enterprise stays safe and secure, no matter what VDI/Cloud solution you are using.

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Stratodesk NoTouch

NoTouch OS

NoTouch OS

NoTouch OS is the top endpoint OS for Linux-based VDI environments.

NoTouch Center

NoTouch Center

NoTouch Center stands as the leading endpoint management solution for VDI.

Enable Unparalleled Cost Savings

Stratodesk NoTouch OS is hardware agnostic and capable of converting any endpoint, enabling healthcare IT to reduce capital hardware investments while benefiting from zero maintenance and centralized management.

Stratodesk NoTouch Add-ons

Use Disk Encryption to encrypt the writable portion of the local storage medium and Imprivata features including Imprivata SSO, FUS, and Fingerprint Authentication.

  • Cisco AnyConnect
  • OpenConnect
  • F5
  • CheckPoint
  • Fortinet
  • OpenVPN

NoTouch Cloud lets you manage your entire VDI network from the cloud –no need for an on premises server.
Alternatively run NoTouch Center in Azure Cloud.

Cloud Xtension broadens endpoint management through a standard internet connection to devices, in remote locations or to those used by your mobile workforce.

Stratodesk support offerings are critical for healthcare IT.

Stratodesk offers various support plans so that healthcare IT can get exactly what they need for their unique VDI/DaaS deployment. Among these, Platinum stands out as the must have for any serious Stratodesk aficionado or large enterprise fueling the productivity of thousands of workers. In this level, enterprises and organizations gain incredible access to a designated support contact, a personalized road-map session, quarterly cadence reviews to keep your goals and objectives on track, enrollment into a customer advisory panel and technical webinars.


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