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Stratodesk PLUS

Stratodesk PLUS is our comprehensive technology partner program that offers a wide range of fully integrated solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our program covers all key aspects of their environment, including security, hardware, application delivery and management, performance, printing, analytics, peripherals, collaboration, and various software applications.

With Stratodesk PLUS, you can be confident in the compatibility and validation of our solutions, and ensure a seamless and efficient IT infrastructure.

Stratodesk partner diagram

Discover our network of partners specializing in the following technology areas:

Cloud & Platform

Stratodesk is committed to enhancing productivity for our customers through seamless integration with leaders in the digital workspace ecosystem. We work with these leaders to simplify the journey to a productive and modern, digital workspace. Whether it is traditional on-premises desktop virtualization, application delivery platforms on the cloud, DaaS, or SaaS, together with our Cloud and Platform partners Stratodesk accelerates and simplifies the journey to deliver a modern and digital workspace that meets today’s employee productivity requirements.


Stratodesk partners with the pre-eminent providers of client hardware around the world. Through our Stratodesk PLUS program and extensive certification process endpoint partners and customers benefit from full compatibility, seamless functionality, and faster time to value across brands, configurations, form factors, CPU architecture, and more.

Security & Analytics

Stratodesk PLUS offers a diverse network of partners spanning various technologies such as security and analytics. These carefully vetted integrations aim to enhance productivity for end users while providing flexible, cutting-edge, and protected work environments.

Communication, Peripherals & Apps

Stratodesk PLUS offers a comprehensive network of partners spanning various technologies, such as unified communication, peripherals, and applications. These carefully vetted integrations are specifically designed to enhance end-user productivity while providing flexible, cutting-edge, and secure work environments.

Become a Stratodesk PLUS Partner

Stratodesk PLUS is an exclusive program for cloud, hardware, software, and peripheral companies seeking to develop integrated solutions with Stratodesk software. As a member, you can test and validate your products, giving customers confidence in our joint solutions.

Join our community to enjoy co-marketing opportunities and early access to technology tools and updates, expanding your reach to new customers who trust your ability to integrate seamlessly with Stratodesk NoTouch.

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