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NoTouch Center in Azure Marketplace | Manage AVD (WVD) and other VDI Endpoints with NoTouch Center in Azure Cloud

NoTouch Cloud

NoTouch Cloud lets you manage your entire VDI network from the cloud –no need for an on premises server. Manage a mixed environment of Raspberry Pis and x86 devices, enable BYOD and empower your users to work from home or on the go. NoTouch Cloud standardizes your VDI environment and is the perfect choice for both DaaS and VDI networks.

Management Benefits

Easily install NoTouch OS from the cloud onto thousands of devices. Take advantage of 1-minute deployment and Clear Group Structure.

Effectively manage all endpoints, x86 and Raspberry Pi, from the cloud.

Highly Scalable –Add additional endpoints and scale up indefinitely without compromising on security.

NoTouch Cloud has all the benefits of using NoTouch Center, the #1 endpoint management solution, and comes with a host of added benefits

NoTouch Center updates are applied automatically

Save time and get updates as we roll them out. Stay current with Stratodesk’s newest releases –no maintenance required!

Active appliance monitoring by Stratodesk and proactive support

Monitor your end user’s devices to increase security and productivity and reduce the chances of your network and data being compromised.

Support for home machines and externally used devices – without having to open your firewall

NoTouch Cloud lets your end users work from home using their own devices (BYOD), without putting you at risk. We support both PCs and PIs and make it easy for end users to install their own devices and enroll them in your VDI.

Simple Pricing Structure

NoTouch Cloud comes as a simple yearly, tiered service add-on to your existing NoTouch licenses. Get an instance that matches your installation size – only pay for what you are using!


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