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Enable BYOD with NoTouch

BYOD (bring your own device) is quickly becoming mainstream as organizations recognize the many benefits of allowing users to perform work tasks on their own personal devices. Stratodesk’s NoTouch product suite solves common problems facing IT departments concerned with enabling BYOD without opening up significant security risks. Let your workers boot NoTouch OS from their device anywhere, anytime, without damaging the underlying Windows operating system.

Among its many benefits, some challenges exist for companies wanting to enable BYOD

IT Hassle

Does your current VDI platform support all the browsers your end users intend to use? Chances are that they do not. What happens when an end user’s browser refuses to install a certain plugin? Common scenarios like this cause huge problems and consume unnecessary IT staff time.

Security Issues

Allowing workers to connect to your server from a home Windows opens your organization up to possible security risks. Organizations need a solution that can run side-by-side with a native operating system without overwriting it.

Lost/Stolen Devices

Housing sensitive data on personal devices creates problems with data recovery and opens up possible security issues in the event that the device is lost, stolen or damaged.

Benefits of NoTouch Desktop

Boot NoTouch from any USB, Anytime, Anywhere

Many NoTouch users need to access their virtual desktops at home or on the go from personal devices. That’s why Stratodesk’s software can be booted live from a USB without overwriting the device’s native operating system. With NoTouch you can:

  • Create a clear and easy to understand way to communicate boundaries  between user-responsible and corporate-responsible spaces
  • Dramatically lower the technical entry bar
  • Run it equally well on Windows PCs, laptops and Apple Macs
  • Easily integrate BYOD systems into corporate management space without compromising compliance and security

Sign up for your Free Trial

Free Trial grants you 90 day access to Stratodesk software

Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS can be executed independent of the user’s Windows installation. Depending on your preference, two modes are available:

Virtual Machine

Run NoTouch in a virtual machine on any device. Prepackaged distributions for Windows PCs, notebooks and Apple Mac OS X devices are available. This creates a consistent interface, an easy-to-see red line between user space and corporate space. Users are simply required to have the very base of their system working. Everything needed to connect to the corporate server or cloud desktop is inside the virtual machine, 100% managed by corporate IT, OS independent and equal across the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac worlds.

USB pen drive

Boot NoTouch from a USB pen drive without harming the user’s OS at all – the moment the USB pen drive is unplugged, the users can reboot into their private Windows installation.

With NoTouch, you don’t even need to buy dedicated overpriced hardware –use any USB stick you like!

You can decide whether you want your users to have both private and work sessions side-by-side or if you would prefer to have your users reboot into the other session.


Try it yourself: NoTouch Free Trial – it comes with a VM preconfigured, and it can be put on a USB pen drive out of the box!

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