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Raspberry Pi Thin Client

Stratodesk’s advanced Linux based operating system runs on Raspberry Pi devices and our management solution, NoTouch Center, is capable of managing both x86 devices and Raspberry Pis.

Advantages of NoTouch OS for Raspberry Pi Devices

NoTouch OS is the most advanced OS for Raspberry Pi. Our minimal footprint OS installs onto your Raspberry Pi 3 or the newest Raspberry Pi 3B+ and turns it into a high performing, Thin Endpoint.

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Turn your Raspberry Pi into an Enterprise Grade Endpoint

Stratodesk is the first company to make the Raspberry Pi a viable option for the enterprise world of VDI. The advantages of using a Raspberry Pi based endpoint for your VDI comes down to cost and performance. With Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS, your Raspberry Pi motherboard becomes an enterprise grade endpoint with all the capabilities you would expect from a top tier Thin Client. But because of the low cost of the Raspberry Pi, it is available at a fraction of a competing Thin Client.

NoTouch OS Powers the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub

Available through our OEM partners NComputing and ViewSonic, the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub is an integral part of Citrix Workspace IoT. It is the Raspberry Pi endpoint of choice for your VDI, and comes with NoTouch OS pre-installed, along with all the brokers to connect to your Citrix or VMware VDI. It also connects to our management solution, free of charge.

Node-RED is now supported on the Raspberry Pi. Node-RED is a programming tool used by IoT innovators for the express purpose of communicating between hardware devices, APIs and online services.

Node-RED on NoTouch Desktop

Unlock the power of IoT with NoTouch Desktop. By supporting Node-RED, the application of our software is virtually limitless.

Ready out of the Box

No installation or hassle. Boot your Workspace Hub and connect it to NoTouch Center

Everything in one place

No need to assemble hardware or perform manual installations

Low Cost

The Workspace Hub is available for a fraction of the cost of competing Thin Clients

Highly Scalable

Easy deploy across thousands of devices spread across multiple worksites

Complete with Imprivata

Support for Imprivata add-on that enables SingleSign capabilities

NoTouch OS is Available for Raspberry Pi Devices

Purchase NoTouch OS from Stratodesk and install onto your Raspberry Pi devices similarly to how you would deploy to your x86 devices. If you run Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp and want a pre-assembled, hassle free Thin Client, you can also purchase the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub with NoTouch OS pre-installed.

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NoTouch is leading the way in intelligent VDI endpoint management. Download your free trial today.

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