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Raspberry Pi Thin Client

Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS natively powers ViewSonic, NComputing, and ClearCube Raspberry Pi Thin Clients. With NoTouch software, you can fluidly manage both Raspberry Pi and x86 devices, unlocking unparalleled options to cost effectively scale your environment. Stratodesk is the first to make the Raspberry Pi Thin Client enterprise ready.

A Solution for Enterprises?

In recent years, the Raspberry Pi has garnered attention for its ability to solve many use cases. The question was raised–is the Raspberry Pi a viable platform to be a high performing Thin Client? Significant obstacles, however, existed between the popular and cost effective motherboard and its entrance into the enterprise market. It was said that the Raspberry Pi is not powerful enough for the enterprise –that no management solution with enterprise features exists for the Pi, especially not one able to incorporate various x86 and Raspberry Pi devices in the same environment. The list goes on –all suggesting that the Raspberry Pi is far too limited to be a viable alternative to x86 Thin Clients.

The Raspberry Pi has become a proven enterprise ready solution thanks to Stratodesk software.

NoTouch OS – The Premiere Raspberry Pi Thin Client OS

NoTouch software makes the Raspberry Pi enterprise ready and integrates it into a mixed x86/Raspberry Pi environment perfectly and productively for VDI, Cloud and DaaS deployments.

NoTouch Raspberry Pi Thin Client Features at a Glance

Major VDI Connections Included

Secure Linux OS

Enterprise Grade Management Solution

H.264 Decoder

Dual 4k Display Support

Skype for Business

Fully Assembled or Customizable

Slim Design

How to Get NoTouch for the Raspberry Pi

Citrix customers can purchase the Citrix Ready workspace hub from our technology partners, NComputing or ViewSonic, directly. Customers using VMware or other VDI environments can purchase the C4Pi, powered by a native NoTouch OS, directly from our partner ClearCube.

For customers looking for a DIY Raspberry Pi solution, contact Stratodesk directly or try out our Free Trial!

RaspberryPi + Stratodesk = Thin Clients

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NoTouch OS on the Citrix Ready workspace hub

Stratodesk NoTouch OS is the only OS for the Citrix Ready workspace hub. Available for purchase through our OEM partners, the workspace hub is an enterprise grade solution available at a fraction of the cost of competing Thin Clients. The workspace hub is built on the Raspberry Pi 4 and is complete with Skype for Business, H.264, dual 4k display support, and Citrix Casting and Session Roaming. It also has Imprivata support available as an add-on feature.

Learn more
ViewSonic Raspberry Pi Thin Client
Ncomputing Raspberry Pi Thin Client
ClearCube Thin Client

NoTouch on ClearCube C4Pi for VMware and other Major Environments

NoTouch is the native OS for the C4Pi –perfect for any VDI environment. The C4Pi is a low-cost endpoint device built on the Raspberry Pi 4 platform. The C4Pi includes VMware Blast Extreme display protocol for VDI connectivity preinstalled and supports high-performance graphics and multimedia in a very small package. Imprivata OneSign integration is also available as an add-on.

Raspberry Pi for Custom Enterprise Use Cases

Still, many customers would prefer to build their own Raspberry Pi Thin Client for branding reasons or to solve specific business problems (including innovative IoT use cases). For such occasions, NoTouch can easily power your DIY Raspberry Pi similarly to how it would be deployed on x86 Thin Clients. For more information on that, visit our PC Repurposing page.

Raspberry Pi Thin Client

Unlock unlimited security, savings and scalability benefits with the #1 Raspberry Pi Thin Client OS and management solution on the market

Cut Costs and Increase Scalability

Raspberry Pi Thin Clients powered by NoTouch save you money by providing the same level of performance you expect from traditional Thin Clients at a fraction of the cost. Not only are Raspberry Pi devices more affordable than their competitors, NoTouch removes the costs associated with housing Windows on your devices. That includes maintenance, patching, malware/antivirus contracts and licenses that inhibit you from massively scaling your network.

Boost Security

NoTouch OS is Linux based which means it is essentially impervious to common malware attacks and security threats facing PCs, Laptops and Thin Clients. It also defends against third party applications, which makes it very unlikely for a security breach to occur. What’s more, the Raspberry Pi itself is a highly secure device, free from many common flaws that plague x86 devices.

Automate Management

Stratodesk’s automated management solution, NoTouch Center, is the preferred solution for Raspberry Pi Thin Clients. Capable of setting groups, user roles and complete with live inheritance of settings, tactical overview and more, NoTouch Center allows system administrators to manage their entire network of Raspberry Pi and x86 endpoints across multiple sites from the convenience of one location.

Stratodesk and Imprivata partnership.

Imprivata Support

Get Imprivata support on all of your Raspberry Pi devices. By combining the ease and power of NoTouch OS with healthcare’s leading Single Sign-On and virtual desktop access platform, healthcare professionals benefit from secure access to clinical information and applications across all Raspberry Pi based endpoints.

Node-RED and Microsoft Azure on NoTouch Desktop

Unlock the power of IoT on NoTouch Raspberry Pi Thin Clients. By supporting Node-RED and Microsoft Azure, the application of our software is virtually limitless.

Node-RED is now supported on the Raspberry Pi. Node-RED is a programming tool used by IoT innovators for the express purpose of communicating between hardware devices, APIs and online services.

The Raspberry Pi + NoTouch = A Viable Alternative to x86 Thin Clients

Stratodesk software is the Raspberry Pi Thin Client OS and management solution of choice for your preferred VDI environment. Transform your Raspberry Pi motherboard into an enterprise grade VDI, IoT or DaaS endpoint with NoTouch OS. NoTouch OS native Raspberry Pi Thin Clients are available from leading Thin Client innovators including NComputing, ViewSonic, and Clearcube and are fully enterprise ready out of the box.

RaspberryPi + Stratodesk = Thin Client. ViewSonic - Ncomputing - ClearCube

Free Trial

NoTouch is leading the way in intelligent VDI endpoint management. Download your free trial today of NoTouch OS for Raspberry Pis


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