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Stratodesk NoTouch for Secure Browsing Solutions

The modern enterprise is evolving with IT leaders seeking alternatives to VDI and DaaS due to complexity and rising costs. However, the need to protect our workspace, data, and endpoints remains constant.

Enterprise Browser Solutions promise to protect the organization and the user while giving corporate IT teams deep visibility and tight control over SaaS and web applications.

But some questions remain:

  • What is securing the Windows Operating System on the endpoint that runs the Enterprise Browser?
  • Who manages Windows OS on endpoints for contractors, freelancers, and home users?
  • Why do I need Windows on my endpoints?
  • What if I have hybrid hardware?
  • After downloading malware with a consumer browser, is the device with the enterprise browser still secure to use?
  • Are devices still protected if contractors and partners use a consumer browser outside of work?
  • Do I need virus protection on my Windows devices even if I use an enterprise browser?
  • Can I make my unmanaged, third-party, or work-from-home endpoints even more secure by using a secure OS?
  • Can an Enterprise Browser enhance security when connecting to your VDI/DaaS?

There is ONE simple answer to these questions.

NoTouch OS + Enterprise Browser = Endpoint Security2

Increased Security

More TCO Savings

Less Complexity

Less Management

Fewer Tools

Endpoints, including unmanaged and remote work devices, are critical access points, making them prime targets for cyber attackers, especially consumer browsers.

Protect your organization with NoTouch OS, the most secure, centrally managed endpoint OS, and an Enterprise Browser solution.

Designed for Modern Enterprises

Stratodesk NoTouch OS is crafted with precision to accommodate the needs of modern organizations and workforces – any device, any location, any platform, and any technology.

Supports VDI/DaaS, SaaS and Secure Browsing

NoTouch is the ideal endpoint platform for diverse use cases, allowing seamless connectivity to VDI/DaaS, secure browsing for cloud-based services, and custom solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Enterprise Browser

Enterprise Browsers provide the necessary browser security and visibility for organizations, while NoTouch supports secure browsing solutions to amplify security and protect modern work environments.

Easy to Manage

Deploy, maintain, and update endpoints effortlessly with centralized management, NoTouch Center. Save time, money, and reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing existing hardware with NoTouch.

Zero-Trust Security

NoTouch OS is the most secure endpoint OS, with zero-trust protocols, encrypted data storage, and integrated authentication solutions for enhanced security.

Explore the Transformational Approach

Test drive NoTouch on your hardware.


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