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Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Stratodesk’s NoTouch software is the #1 endpoint OS and management solution for VDI and DaaS.

DaaS removes the need to make a substantial upfront investment into an on premises infrastructure while delivering all the benefits of VDI. NoTouch Desktop works with your DaaS environment to cut costs, increase security and streamline endpoint management. Replace all of your Windows instances with NoTouch OS and securely manage thousands of machines from one central location with NoTouch Center.

Advantages of Using DaaS

Cut Costs

DaaS removes the upfront costs associated with VDI, reduces operating costs, and cuts IT staff hours. Simply pay a subscription fee or cost-per-seat for the virtual desktops you need.

Increase Reliability

Hosting your VDI on premises opens your organization up to expensive server failures. Many DaaS service providers, however, will offer 24/7 service guarantees, so you can rest assured a failure won’t occur.

Boost Security

DaaS increases security because data and applications reside in the cloud and not on your endpoint devices. Your DaaS solution provider also handles maintenance and patching for your VDI so that you won’t have to and enables users to securely access desktops on the go or from their personal devices (BYOD).

Benefits of using NoTouch with your DaaS Environment

DaaS cuts costs by eliminating maintenance and decreasing your upfront investment. But you will still need to spend a fortune on Windows licensing for endpoint devices. Luckily, NoTouch Desktop solves these issues by providing one OS and management solution for all your VDI endpoints.

Save Money

NoTouch OS installs directly onto all of your hardware, bare metal. Save money by leveraging existing hardware and cancel your Windows licenses and malware/antivirus contracts.

Reduce IT Management Hassle

NoTouch enables your end users to easily and securely access their virtual desktops and intuitively and remotely manages your entire network of endpoint devices –zero training required.

Increase Security

Stratodesk is the most secure endpoint OS and management solution for your DaaS environment. Our Linux based Thin OS protects against third party applications and attack vectors that are likely to target x86 or ARM devices now or in the future.

On–Premises or Cloud-Based Administration

NoTouch is the only endpoint management software that can be run either on premises or from the cloud. With NoTouch Cloud, management updates are applied automatically, appliances are actively managed, and home machines and BYOD are enabled without opening your network up to unnecessary security risks.

Simple Pricing Structure

Just one price – that includes the endpoint OS, the management software, and the PXE virtual appliance. No hidden costs or fees.

Get a Free Trial

NoTouch is leading the way in intelligent VDI endpoint management. Download your free trial today.

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