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The Ultimate Endpoint OS for Unrivaled Security in End User Computing

At Stratodesk, we prioritize the security of your data and systems above all else. With Stratodesk NoTouch, our cutting-edge solution is built with security as its foundation, safeguarding against the installation of any unwanted third-party applications and defending against common cyber security threats. Our commitment is to stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape, ensuring your data and systems are always protected.

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Organizations have been attacked
Organizations targeted by malware
Breaches due to device loss or theft

Disk Encryption for Added Protection

With Stratodesk’s Disk Encryption, you gain access to advanced functionality that transparently encrypts the writable portion of the local storage medium on client devices where NoTouch is deployed. This powerful feature ensures that in the event of a device theft or unauthorized access, your data remains completely unreadable. For an added layer of security, you can configure a user password that prevents NoTouch OS from booting, providing you with peace of mind and ultimate protection.

NoTouch OS supports UEFI secure boot and verifies the boot process from endpoint UEFI to the VDI desktop or cloud workspace.

Windows Endpoints

Relying on some form of the Windows operating system while connecting to a Windows VDI environment is a common practice for many organizations. This approach aims to offer a more familiar user experience. However, it inadvertently increases the vulnerability landscape and burdens administrators with the task of maintaining and patching both the Windows and VDI endpoints. Additionally, it often necessitates the acquisition of additional licenses for anti-virus and malware protection.

In contrast, Stratodesk NoTouch presents a compelling solution. By providing an immutable, fortified Linux operating system, we eliminate any potential attack surface. This hardened operating system is centrally managed by NoTouch Centre, ensuring seamless security over an encrypted port 443.

Stratodesk Adds an Important Security Layer to Endpoint Devices

User interaction is minimized to clicking an icon and entering a username and password. Once authenticated, users seamlessly access a secure full-screen remote desktop environment. Our system blocks unnecessary services, preventing network access and compromising the local file system. Additionally, we offer the ability to block USB storage devices, enhancing security measures and preventing unauthorized access.


Stratodesk NoTouch OS is Linux-based and built with security as the top priority from the ground up.

No User Data Stored

Devices powered by Stratodesk NoTouch do not store any user data on the endpoints themselves.

Disk Encryption

Stratodesk offers disk encryption – enabling added security for advanced use cases.

Secure Protocols

Stratodesk NoTouch Center seamlessly communicates with NoTouch OS using secure protocols.

No Third-Party Apps

No more intrusive third-party applications.

Role-Based Access Controls

Complete with role-based access controls.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Our software pioneered MFA for added protection.

LTS Branch

Get secure updates with our Long-Term Support branch.

Stratodesk Offers the Most Complete and Seamless Integration with Third Party Security Solutions on the Market

With our seamless integration with a diverse range of top-notch security solutions, Stratodesk empowers its customers to stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

Explore our exclusive security integrations.

Why Choose Stratodesk?

Enhanced Endpoint Security

NoTouch OS ensures robust security by implementing an immutable, read-only file system, making it challenging for malware or unauthorized modifications to compromise system integrity.

Endpoint Hardening

Stratodesk fortifies endpoints by removing unnecessary components and services, reducing the attack surface, and ensuring no personal information is stored if an endpoint is lost or stolen.

Centralized Management

NoTouch OS offers seamless centralized management, enabling consistent application of security policies and updates across your organization, with encrypted communication for enhanced network security.

Secure Access Control

Implement robust authentication (MFA) and access controls (Single-Sign-On, Fingerprint) with NoTouch OS to prevent unauthorized access to endpoints or virtual resources, maintaining full control.

Regular Updates and Patches

Stratodesk releases regular updates and necessary security patches to safeguard your infrastructure against emerging threats, ensuring system resilience and protection.

Integration with Other Security Solutions

NoTouch OS seamlessly integrates with antivirus software and network monitoring tools to enhance overall security and provide maximum protection.

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