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Most Secure Endpoint OS in End User Computing

Security is top of mind for Stratodesk. Not only is it baked into our software from the ground up, it is also a part of our ongoing strategy. Our software is inherently secure, preventing unwanted, third party applications, while also defending against common security exploits on the cyber security threat horizon.

Stratodesk Adds an Important Security Layer to Endpoint Devices

User interaction with the system is limited to (unless otherwise configured) clicking on an icon, entering username & password, and then being taken into a full-screen remote desktop. There are zero unwanted services running that allow access from the network. It’s also possible to prevent USB storage devices from being mounted to the OS, let alone being forwarded to a virtual desktop environment.

Linux Based

Stratodesk NoTouch OS is Linux based and built with security as the top priority from the ground up.

No Personal Data Stored

Devices powered by Stratodesk NoTouch do not store any personal data on the endpoints themselves.

No Third-Party Apps

No unwanted third party applications.

LTS Branch

Long Term Support branch – get the security updates you need without regression tests.

Disk Encryption Add-on

Stratodesk offers Disk Encryption – enabling added security for advanced use cases.

Secure Protocols

Our management solution, Stratodesk NoTouch Center, uses secure protocols to communicate with Stratodesk NoTouch OS.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Our software was first in the industry to offer MFA for added protection.

Role Based Access Controls

Complete with Role Based Access Controls.

Stratodesk is fast to react to exploits that broadly affect the wide world of EUC

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Stratodesk Offers the Most Complete and Seamless Integration with Third Party Security Solutions on the Market

By integrating with a large variety of industry leading security solutions, we enable Stratodesk customers to defend against threats on the cyber security horizon.

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