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Desktop Virtualization for Retail

Retail companies have a lot to benefit from VDI. But they also face significant challenges including manpower, not enough access to expertise, budget, and management.

Skilled Labor

Running a VDI takes a lot more knowledge and expertise than your typical Sysadmin has. This alone is enough to deter plenty of Retail organizations from making the jump to VDI.

High Cost

Getting your VDI in place is now small cost. There are servers, endpoint devices, licenses and more that you will need to purchase. Getting an ROI from this kind of investment can be tricky.

Retail is a Management Nightmare

Ever tried managing a VDI? How about when that VDI is spread out across dozens of locations and sites where the local store manager has little to no experience using computers.

Insecure Data

Housing windows on endpoint devices exposes customer data to maluse or hacks. Endpoints might also go for unnecessary lengths of time without updates –exposing them to malware.

NoTouch Desktop solves these issues by providing an easy to use solution at a low cost. You don’t even need to purchase new hardware. With NoTouch OS’s repurposing capabilities, you can use existing hardware, or invest in the new low cost, high performance Raspberry Pi.

Easy to Use

NoTouch Desktop is designed for end users without Linux knowledge. Once installed onto endpoint devices, those endpoints will not need to be configured anymore on the local level. End users will simply access their windows session –they don’t even need to know that we are there.

Low Cost

Let NoTouch OS repurpose your existing hardware for a fraction of a cost of purchasing new devices. NoTouch OS runs on the most advanced hardware, and is totally hardware agnostic.

Seamlessly Manage All your Endpoints from One Browser

You don’t need NoTouch Center installed on premise to effectively manage all the devices in your VDI. Manage your enterprise network of thousands of devices all from the convenience of your browser.

Peripheral Support

NoTouch supports peripheral devices such as barcode scanners and label printers. Allow or deny the use of certain peripheral devices in your remote locations via NoTouch Center.

Increased Security

Because NoTouch OS is Linux based, it is virtually impossible to hack on a local level. And because customer information is stored on your server instead of the end device, your data is protected. Updates can also be installed from your browser offsite, making it easy to keep thousands of devices up-to-date.

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NoTouch Desktop runs in your preferred VDI environment. Power your PCs, Thin Clients, Laptops and Raspberry Pis with NoTouch OS and avoid the costly mistake of using Windows lockdown.

NoTouch OS standardizes your endpoints and brings total VDI management and security to your organization. Turn your existing hardware assets into high performing endpoints. Standardize and secure your VDI with the most advanced, Linux based OS on the market.

NoTouch Desktop is the endpoint OS and management solution of choice for retail companies.

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