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VDI for Education

Solution of choice for educational institutions

Educational institutions face unique challenges when it comes to implementing VDI. Typically, student networks are separated from faculty and staff networks –something which requires an advanced management software to handle.

Common problems facing educational institutions keeping them from implementing VDI include:

Not enough time, budget or man hours to implement a VDI and manage endpoints

Managing a complex environment and separating student devices from faculty/staff

Managing a mixed environment of PCs, Laptops and Thin Clients

Managing many school sites across a district without needing an on premise server at each site.

Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop solves theses issues by providing secure endpoints and seamless management of your institution’s VDI, making it the number one choice for educational institutions, no matter if they are run with Citrix, VMware, or any other VDI environment

K-12 and High School

School districts can use one NoTouch Center installation for all of their sites. Different administrator roles can be assigned and the software can be hosted off-premise or on-premise. NoTouch Desktop allows for the re-use of older machines along with new PCs and/or Thin Clients. Boot from local hard drives as well as from the network (PXE). This allows you to quickly boot from PCs whether or not the original OS on the end devices should be changed or not.

Higher Education, Colleges and Universities

Running a large faculty network is very similar to running VDI in an enterprise while running a VDI in a student network poses similar challenges to a high school or any other public facility environment. You will need a an endpoint OS and management solution powerful enough to handle rollouts to thousands of machines, along with one flexible enough to handle the mixed challenges you will face in a University and/or College VDI environment.

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NoTouch Desktop Solves Common Issues Facing Educational Institutions

NoTouch Desktop is Extremely Easy to Setup and Use

Linux knowledge to manage your VDI endpoints. With NoTouch Desktop you can easily manage your entire network from one browser, using our intuitive and easy to use NoTouch Center.

Set Groups and Assign User Roles

Mmanage permissions and configure groups on premise or off via NoTouch Center.

Hardware Agnostic

manage a mixed environment of PCs, Laptops, Thin Clients and low cost VDI devices such as Raspberry Pis, Intel NUCs or Citrix Ready workspace hubs.

Support for Single-SignOn and smartcard readers: NoTouch Desktop supports various authentication solution for secure login of your staff

Save Time and Money

NoTouch OS can repurpose your existing hardware and is much cheaper than purchasing new endpoint devices. What’s more, you can now purchase and incorporate the low cost, high performance endpoint, the Citrix Ready workspace hub, into your VDI and manage it with NoTouch Center.

Highly Secure

NoTouch OS is Linux based, making it impervious to attack vectors and common cyber threats. With NoTouch no data is stored locally, in case a device gets lost or breaks.

Fast and free support

All of our customers are entitled to free email-based support. For enterprise needs we do offer premium support options with guaranteed SLAs, phone, email, and even on-premise support and services.

NoTouch Desktop runs in your preferred VDI environment. Power your PCs, Thin Clients, Laptops and Raspberry Pis with NoTouch OS and avoid the costly mistake of using Windows lockdown.

NoTouch OS standardizes your endpoints and brings total VDI management and security to your organization. Turn your existing hardware assets into high performing endpoints. Standardize and secure your VDI with the most advanced, Linux based OS on the market.

NoTouch Desktop is the Endpoint OS and Management Solution of choice for educational institutions.


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NoTouch Desktop is the Endpoint OS and Management Solution of choice for educational institutions – contact us for more information and customer testimonials or simply download our free trial!

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