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Streamline Your Access to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365

Discover seamless, secure access to cloud-hosted Windows desktops and apps with the secure NoTouch endpoint OS. Stratodesk optimizes existing end-user devices and in collaboration with our partner Microsoft, simplifies the delivery of virtualized Windows desktops and apps hosted on Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365. Take Windows to the cloud with NoTouch end-user devices for a more streamlined Windows 11 migration, reduced hardware costs, better scalability and stronger endpoint security.

3 Reasons Why Stratodesk Paves the Way for Windows in the Cloud

Go Beyond Windows 10 EOL - Optimize Existing Devices

Leverage Stratodesk NoTouch secure OS to optimize all your existing PCs, laptops, and thin client devices into secure, reliable, and centrally managed endpoints for easy access to Windows 11 in the cloud. Avoid or offset hardware investments by upgrading low-spec or Windows 11 incompatible devices, and benefit from enhanced scalability, security, user experience, and sustainability benefits.

Increased Endpoint Security - Reduced Attack Surface

Elevated endpoint security starts with an ultra-secure OS. Stratodesk NoTouch OS is a lightweight enterprise-ready OS, built on Linux, with a very limited attack surface and read-only attributes. Stratodesk’s Microsoft AVD client, integrated in the endpoint OS, assures safe and simple access to Windows workspaces in the cloud .

Embrace the Cloud-Without Disruption

Make the move to Windows in the cloud as smooth as possible. Stratodesk optimizes devices for cloud access, ensuring a seamless, dependable and familiar user experience. Its scalability means your infrastructure can effortlessly adapt to changing business demands and future technology innovation. Less cost, less complexity, no disruption and more security – this is a win-win for users and administrators.

 Streamline Access to Your Virtualized Windows Desktops in the Cloud with NoTouch

Stratodesk and Microsoft Partner to Simplify Your Cloud Migration

Stratodesk is a valued Microsoft technology partner and regularly works with the Microsoft engineering team to deliver integrated and optimized solutions that increase cloud adoption and deliver more security, compliance, scalability and flexibility in the cloud.

The impending end of Windows 10 support In October 2025 poses some challenges for organizations especially in terms of endpoint device compatibility, financial impact and sustainability concerns. Together Stratodesk and Microsoft offer a reliable, cost efficient solution for these challenges with NoTouch OS on any endpoint device and Windows 11 on Microsoft AVD or Windows 365.

Microsoft AVD
NoTouch Center

Manage All Physical Endpoints Centrally to Save Time and Money

Take advantage of tomorrow’s on-premises and cloud-based endpoint management today. Stratodesk NoTouch Center manages thousands of devices, whether they’re local or remote, from the safety and security of one location. Eliminate endless and redundant IT tasks, with state-of-the-art, automated endpoint management.

wvd stratodesk os notouch

Maximize your Windows & Apps Experience on Azure

  • Securely connect to Windows Desktops or Apps in the cloud
  • Enhance, unify, and standardize security on all devices
  • Automate endpoint management from one platform
  • Optimize of Windows 11 virtual desktops with multi-session
  • Streamline Windows OS maintenance
  • Optimize low-spec or non-Windows 11 compatible devices

Enhance the Performance of Microsoft Teams

Collaborate with ease on Microsoft Teams, optimized for AVD and Windows 365. Features include webcam support, USB headset redirection, and content sharing.


Remote Applications

Connect to remote applications published locally (RAIL) directly from the local desktop, and position them accurately with the Windows 11 snap tool.

Experience Windows computing on the cloud hassle-free and cost-free.

Hardware Agnostic

Linux-Based OS

Standardized Endpoints



Easy to Manage


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