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VDI for Government / Military

Government and Military entities need a reliable and secure network. They rely on VDI to boost security and keep confidential information secure. However, significant challenges face Government and Military entities looking to implement VDI in their organizations.

Challenges Facing Military and Government Entities Include

Hardened Security Needs

Devices can be easily compromised which opens organizations up to catastrophic security leaks. Many government organizations also require DoD certificates, CAC support, and FIPS wipe.

Multiple Work Sites

Most government and military entities will have multiple worksites. It isn’t cost effective or practical to house servers on each work site.

Mobile Workforce

Government and military workers must access the network not only at multiple work sites but also on the go without compromising on security.

Budget Demands

Most government and military entities have very specific demands around their budget. Massive capital investment in new hardware sometimes just isn’t an option.

NoTouch Desktop Solves Challenges Facing Government and Military Entities

Increased Security

NoTouch OS is Linux based which means once it is installed on your endpoint devices you will not have to do anything to that device again. No malware, no antivirus –your NoTouch endpoints are virtually impervious to common threats facing x86 devices. What’s more, with NoTouch OS, no data is stored on the local device. All of your information and data will be stored on a central and secure server. NoTouch OS supports DoD certificates, CAC support, and FIPS wipe.

Easily Manage Multiple Worksites

NoTouch Desktop allows you to manage all of your worksites as if they were working within your LAN. Set groups, configure permissions, and even enable BYOD.

Mobile Workforce

Empower your workforce on the go, at home or offline with NoTouch Desktop.

Save on Costs

NoTouch Desktop repurposes your existing hardware into high performing Thin Clients. Easily scale up to fill new requirements from additional offices with the low cost Citrix Ready workspace hub –powered by NoTouch OS.

NoTouch Desktop is the Endpoint OS and Management Solution of choice for Government and Military organizations.

NoTouch Desktop runs in your preferred VDI environment. Power your PCs, Thin Clients, Laptops and Raspberry Pis with NoTouch OS and avoid the costly mistake of using Windows lockdown.

NoTouch OS standardizes your endpoints and brings total VDI management and security to your organization. Turn your existing hardware assets into high performing endpoints. Standardize and secure your VDI with the most advanced, Linux based OS on the market.

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