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Government / Military

Government and Military entities require a secure network for confidential information. VDI is a reliable solution, but implementing it involves significant challenges.

Military and government entities face various challenges.

Hardened Security Needs

Organizations risk catastrophic security leaks when devices are compromised. Many government agencies require DoD certificates, CAC support, and FIPS wipes.

Multiple Work Sites

Most government and military entities will have multiple worksites. It isn’t cost effective or practical to house servers on each work site.

Mobile Workforce

Government and military workers must access the network not only at multiple work sites but also on the go without compromising on security.

Budget Demands

Most government and military entities often have specific budget constraints, preventing large investments in new hardware.

Government and military entities face a range of challenges that NoTouch can help solve.

Increased Security

NoTouch OS is a Linux-based operating system that offers complete endpoint security. It ensures that your devices are impervious to common x86 device threats and data is never stored locally, but rather on a centralized and secure server. NoTouch OS supports DoD certificates, CAC support, and FIPS wipe to further enhance its security features.

Easily Manage Multiple Worksites

NoTouch enables easy worksite management with group settings, permissions configuration, and BYOD support.

Mobile Workforce

Give your employees the flexibility to work remotely, from their homes or while offline, by using NoTouch.

Save on Costs

NoTouch OS repurposes existing hardware into powerful Thin Clients. Scale up easily with low-cost Citrix Ready workspace hub.

NoTouch is the preferred Endpoint OS and Management Solution for Government and Military organizations.

NoTouch OS powers PCs, Thin Clients, Laptops, and Raspberry Pis on your VDI platform. Avoid costly Windows lock-downs.

NoTouch OS simplifies VDI management and boosts endpoint performance. Secure your VDI with the advanced Linux-based OS.

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