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The Ultimate Guide To IoT In 2020

The Ultimate Guide to IoT in 2020

We're at an exciting time in history. For the first time ever, technologies that were…

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Remote Work Velma Lakes

How Velma Lakes Enables Remote Work

A new white paper explores the many benefits of Stratodesk software for work from home.…

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Tanja Kovinjalo

Stratodesk Employee Spotlight – Tanja Kovinjalo

We are excited to announce our newest team member and back office manager, Tanja Kovinjalo.…

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Is VDI or VPN the Right Fit for Your Remote Workforce?

Today we are in an unprecedented crisis situation. The pandemic has driven workers around the…

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Remote Endpoint Management

Remote Endpoint Management Webinar Recap

We had a fantastic turnout last week for the Remote Endpoint Management Webinar. Rich Severson…

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