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VDI Weekly Update: DaaS, EUC and AI

In this week’s news update: DaaS, trends in EUC and AI, and Healthcare IT. What…

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Raspberry Pi Vs Traditional Thin Clients. Which Should You Choose?

Raspberry Pi Thin Clients VS Traditional Thin Clients – Which Should You Choose?

“It is estimated that organizations spend upwards of 1,000 hours a week on detecting and…

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Stratodesk Anniversary

Stratodesk Software: 8 Years of Success and Innovation from the Heart of Silicon Valley

Stratodesk celebrates 8 years of success in the Silicon Valley this October Stratodesk celebrates its…

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VDI Weekly News Update: Brain-Inspired Computer, Cybersecurity, and Workspace app

In this week's news update, explore Citrix Casting, Cybersecurity trends, thoughts on digital transformation, and…

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Just Another Way Stratodesk Enables Top Notch Customer Support

Sharing Support Files is Easier than Ever Thanks to New Web Functionality. Stratodesk provides top…

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VMworld, Fiber Networking, and VDI in Education

Top Takeaways from VMworld 2018 Tom Fenton shares his top takeaways from attending and speaking…

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Our New White Paper Explores the Benefits of Using NoTouch in a Healthcare Setting

Healthcare IT traditionally faces unique challenges deploying and managing virtual desktops throughout organizations. Strict regulations,…

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