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Stratodesk Software And Remote Work

Stratodesk Software and Remote Work

Organizations everywhere are dealing with the pros and cons of remote work. While remote work…

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What Is IIoT?

What is IIoT?

The Industrial Internet of Things is Ripe for Innovation. The Internet of Things (IoT) is…

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Stratodesk Software

Stratodesk Broadens Reach in Russia Thanks to New Partnership with OLLY

Stratodesk announced earlier this month that our end user software is now readily available to…

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Cloud Desktops

Challenges Facing Cloud Desktop Deployments

Making the transition to the Cloud? Here are a few challenges you can expect to…

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Stratodesk Fall Webinar Series

Stratodesk Fall Webinar Series – NoTouch Desktop Basics

This November, Stratodesk presents the Fall Webinar Series. Focused on NoTouch Desktop basics, Stratodesk Sales…

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Teradici PCoIP

Stratodesk Collaborates with Teradici to Integrate PCoIP® Technology into NoTouch Software

Last week, we announced our recent collaboration with Teradici that brings PCoIP® technology into NoTouch…

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Évreux Portes De Normandie Success With Stratodesk Software

Évreux Portes de Normandie Success with Stratodesk Software

IT at Evreux Portes de Normandie (EPN) had a problem. They had Raspberry Pi devices…

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Tonk And Stratodesk

Stratodesk and TONK Partnership Set to Rock the Russian Thin Client Market

Stratodesk, the leader in VDI, DaaS and IoT endpoint management, is excited to announce a…

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Windows Virtual Desktop

Friday Notepad – A Look Back at Last Month

Before some of our biggest fall events are underway (like EDUCAUSE and .NEXT 2019), we'd…

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Stratodesk 15 Years Success

Stratodesk & Travel Europe – 15 Years of Excellence

Today, Stratodesk announced continued success with Travel Europe and Citrix. After more than 15 years,…

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