About Stratodesk

Stratodesk is a software company that focuses on hardware agnostic thin client software and PC repurposing solutions. Stratodesk’s signature product is NoTouch Desktop. Stratodesk’s mission is to provide the most powerful and simple to use endpoint OS for VMware, Citrix and other VDI environments and a centralized endpoint management solution. NoTouch Desktop works on any kind of old and new dektop hardware (PCs, Laptops, Thin Client devices) and offer more security, better and easier client management, increased reliability and lower total cost of ownership to companies of all sizes. Stratodesk is led by an excellent management team, has a history and a tremendous track-record as a first-class supplier for enterprises as well as small business.

Stratodesk is partnering with many industry leaders and companies active in the field of virtualization and server based computing like VMware, Citrix, ThinPrint (Cortado), HP, and many others. Stable partnerships with global market leaders in the field of virtualization ensure highly innovative features and up to date third party product integration.

The NoTouch Desktop product is a modern third-generation derivative software stack that has roots tracing back over a decade with customers from the early days still happy today (testimonials available). Stratodesk as a company was started in August 2010 and acquired the exclusive rights to the product that Emanuel Pirker architected and helped build over the years. Organizations of all sizes trust in our solution including many companies in healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, finance as well as schools and universities.

Emanuel Pirker, Founder & CEO Stratodesk
Emanuel Pirker

Stratodesk was founded by Emanuel Pirker, a San Francisco based technology entrepreneur with roots in Austria. Emanuel Pirker, a computer science graduate, has been in the field of Server Based Computing, Terminal Services, Remote Desktops for over a decade. He leads the company as CEO and blogs sometimes.

Stratodesk is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Stratodesk Europe is located in Austria, serving the European market. Stratodesk has an excellent track-record and the product has been proven for a decade. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, universities, K-12 schools, small and medium businesses as well as governments and NPOs.