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UPDATE: New NoTouch Center 4.5 "EMERALD BAY" released

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NEW: Stratodesk NoTouch Center is Available on Microsoft Azure Cloud Marketplace

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NoTouch Center

Automated Thin Endpoint Management

NoTouch Center lets you manage thousands of Thin Clients and other devices from one easy-to-use management center. By supporting inheritance of settings, groups can be easily set, configured and synced. Take advantage of multiple user roles, monitoring, asset management/inventory, Helpdesk and many other features you expect from an enterprise grade solution.

Built with complex and mixed enterprise environments in mind, NoTouch Center empowers you to effectively manage a secure and powerful VDI.


  • 1-Minute Deployment
  • Visual Inheritance
  • Clear Group Structure


  • Manage all endpoints
  • Auto-assign new endpoints
  • Scripting and Plugins


  • Secure & Scalable
  • HA/DR, Cloud
  • Inventory & Helpdesk

Your entire VDI accessible from one location –the only endpoint management software with the power to manage x86 AND Raspberry Pi devices.

Save IT Man Hours

Eliminate the need to do time consuming Windows updates on your endpoint devices. Update all of your devices at once from one location.

Increase Security

Know exactly what is happening to each device and its peripherals via Real Time Monitoring and Tactical Overview.

Easy to Scale

NoTouch Center scales indefinitely. Incorporate and manage thousands of devices into your environment.

Highly Flexible

Empower your workforce at home or on the go, manage multiple work sites from one location, and enable BYOD –all without compromising on security and performance.


NoTouch Center has an intuitive interface designed with your IT manager in mind. You don’t need advanced Linux experience to use this solution. Drag and drop certificates, set groups, and manage permissions –all with an intuitive Graphical User Interface.

NoTouch Center Features Include

  • Inheritance of Settings for Fast Configuration and Setup
  • Multi-User Support and Rights Management
  • Realtime Device Monitoring and Tactical Overview
  • Reporting Tool
  • Asset Management and Peripheral Inventory
  • Scripting Engine
  • Customize Design and Look & Feel
  • Auto-Discovery and Auto-Grouping
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL based communication
    • LAN, WAN, Internet, VPN


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