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NoTouch IoT

Stratodesk’s advanced Linux based operating system NoTouch IoT is an excellent, secure and ready-to-go IoT software environment. Available for ARM and x86 based hardware, cloud- or on-premise managed, letting developer focus on their solution and adding globally scalable update distribution and policy roll-out.

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The Raspberry Pi, the low cost motherboard, is the #1 hardware device for the widest variety of IoT use cases. Its low cost and compact size make it ideal for everything from workplace IoT and beyond. Stratodesk works with Pi 3 and even the low-cost Pi Zero.

Challenges Faced in Enterprise IoT

Managing Devices Locally

Enterprises must configure thousands of devices locally. Without the right solution, managing a network of IoT devices with their settings, policies and applications is a nightmare.

Advanced Skill Set

To manually update devices, IT staff must be highly versed in Linux and be available at every work site in case of a security breach or emergency. Analysts predict a security nightmare with IoT if not implemented properly.

From Development to Product

Developers like lots of software, no restrictions, shell/command line based work, textual files. End users and administrators prefer “single image” type updates, they hate the command line and text files. 

NoTouch IoT removes the hassles involved in managing an enterprise IoT network

Manage Devices from the Cloud or from an On-Premise Server

With our management solution, you can easily manage thousands of IoT devices – bridges as well as sensors – across multiple sites from your browser in one central location.

One and Done Solution

Once installed, NoTouch does not need to be manually configured or updated on the local level. Remove countless IT hours by effectively rolling out updates to all of your devices from your browser in a matter of minutes.

Automatically Connect Devices

Automatically connect your devices to your central management session via bridges and sensors without your end users even knowing you are there.

Node-RED is now supported on the Raspberry Pi. Node-RED is a programming tool used by IoT innovators for the express purpose of communicating between hardware devices, APIs and online services.

Node-RED on NoTouch IoT

Node-RED is supported on NoTouch IoT. Node-RED is a programming tool used by IoT innovators for the express purpose of communicating between hardware devices, APIs and online services. Also included is a full NodeJS runtime environment.

NoTouch OS Runs on Low Power Cost Effective Devices

NoTouch IoT also works on the ultra low power and low cost Pi Zero (Pi0). A great example of a Pi0 based, working and shipping commercial product built on Stratodesk technology is the Pi0-based Secondary Display Adapter (SDA) available from NComputing and ViewSonic for Citrix.

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NoTouch is leading the way in IoT endpoint management by making it easier than ever for enterprise IoT to effectively manage and update their entire IoT network.

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