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Branding Guidlines and Requirements

Logos and colors

Vertical (main) configuration

Choose the best Stratodesk Logo configuration for your application. Both horizontal and vertical versions are available in full-color, grayscale, and solid formats.

Download Logo 640×480 PNG | Download All
For other formats and colors such as SVG and Black or White colors, please download all.

Stratodesk logo horizontal

Horizontal configuration

Choose the best configuration of the Stratodesk Logo, available in horizontal and vertical configurations, full-color, grayscale, and solid versions for your application.

Download Logo 480×130 PNGDownload All
For other formats and colors such as SVG and Black or White colors, please download all.

Stratodesk Plus

Stratodesk PLUS Logo

Stratodesk PLUS is the all-in-one EUC certification program for new and existing Stratodesk partners that makes it easy for technology leaders to integrate and verify their products and solutions with Stratodesk NoTouch.

Products' images and descriptions

NoTouch OS Screen

NoTouch OS™

NoTouch OS is the endpoint operating system of choice for your VDI and IoT environment on the market. Capable of running on the most cutting edge Thin Client, Laptop, PC and Raspberry Pi devices, NoTouch OS is your #1 choice for a centrally managed endpoint solution.

NoTouch Center

NoTouch Center™

NoTouch Center is the #1 endpoint management solution for VDI and IoT. Capable of managing your devices on premises or from the cloud, NoTouch Center is the only solution able to effectively manage x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi based devices in the same environment.

Download images: 1920×1080

Stratodesk NoTouch Cloud

NoTouch Cloud

NoTouch Cloud lets you manage your entire VDI network from the cloud –no need for an on premises server. NoTouch Cloud is managed by Stratodesk.

Download images: 600×600

Disk Encryption

Disk Encryption is an advanced functionality able to transparently encrypt the writable portion of the local storage medium on client devices where NoTouch is deployed.

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