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Why choose Stratodesk and SAPPLY?

Stratodesk is the leader in providing a secure and lean Enterprise Operating System and a highly scalable Endpoint Management and Control Center for remote work.

Reduce IT costs and your carbon footprint by extending the useful life of existing devices or adding any new endpoint (even a Raspberry Pi), securely connect out-of-the-box to any VDI/DaaS, cloud workspace, or app, increase productivity and support of your hybrid workforce, and strengthen security and control through cloud-based endpoint management.


  • Read-only, Linux-based OS
  • Minimal Attack Surface
  • No Open Ports
  • Day-One Integration Updates
  • Secure Client Management


  • Simple Deployment
  • Any VDI/Cloud/ DaaS Workspace Support
  • Customizable
  • Outstanding End-User Experience

Hardware Agnostic

  • Fully Hardware Independent
  • X86 and Raspberry Pi
  • No Vendor Lock-In
  • Stratodesk PLUS Certification Program


  • On/Off-Premises/Cloud-Based Management Center
  • Flexible Licensing Models
  • Highly Scalable
  • For Hybrid/Remote and Onsite Workforce

Stratodesk NoTouch for VDI and Cloud Endpoints

Stratodesk NoTouch is the innovative endpoint solution allowing organizations to transform any PC, thin client, laptop, or Raspberry Pi device into a secure and centrally managed device that connects to any cloud workspace, DaaS, or VDI platform.

Microsoft And Stratodesk
VMware And Stratodesk Partnership

“NoTouch gives us a reliable guarantee in securely managing our entire assets. Having a centralized and controlled solution helps resolve the majority of problems we face on a daily basis in a faster and more effective way.”

David Vieira, Director of IT & Communication Infrastructure

Thanks to NoTouch eliminating maintenance issues, we save more than 2000 staff hours per year.

Haim Inger, Manager of Technology
CLAL Group

Since deploying Stratodesk NoTouch on our VDI endpoints, we have experienced a reduction in capital costs, labor costs, and new deployment time and we were able to reduce the overall IT budget by more than 40%.

Ken Hedglen, Manager of Technology
South County Health

“Stratodesk’s NoTouch Center meets our needs perfectly and makes system administrator’s work much easier. Defined user rights and roles in NoTouch Center disables unauthorized system access, installations and configuration changes.”

System Administrator
Sehnde Middle School

“The switch to Stratodesk really paid off for us not only for technical reasons but also for financial ones. Not only did it save us from having to replace our existing infrastructure, it increased the lifecycle of our existing devices by 8 years.”

Dana Sealing Products

We chose Stratodesk because it was the only solution that met our needs. We did not find any other product that offers the same breadth of features and ease of use.

University of Alaska Southeast

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