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Healthcare IT Stories July 16–20

Happy Friday! If you don’t already know, we share posts on our Twitter feed daily featuring carefully curated news stories that are relevant to sysadmins and IT professionals. This week we’ve compiled a list of a few of our most engaging Healthcare IT stories focused on effective strategies that organizations can employ in order to boost security and protect confidential patient information.

July 16: How Healthcare Providers, Vendors Can Collaborate on IT Security

IT professionals working in Healthcare feel the full weight of security concerns as they play into the day-to-day operations of their organization. What they may not know, however, is that their vendors are struggling with many of the same security challenges as they are. It is imperative, therefore, that IT professionals challenge their vendors to step up their security to protect against breaches.

July 17: Next-gen clinical decision support tools: Analytics and health data in the EHR workflow

This article explores the importance of AI in clinical decision support technology, and the evolving role that it will play in healthcare organizations. All levels of healthcare professionals, physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, allied health professionals, and care managers can benefit from this technology.

July 18: New Citrix App Launching Later this Year

Announced at Citrix Synergy, the Citrix Workspace App aims to bring all of your workspace services into one single-entry point. Access virtual apps, desktops, SaaS apps, files and mobile apps all from one dashboard. Also get Citrix Single Sign-On and added security benefits.

July 19: Top Five Things You Should Do to Improve Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry| Infiniti Research

A breach in your healthcare organization’s cyber security can cause a lot of harm. Given the sensitive nature of your patient info, Infiniti research recommends you get an audit of your current healthcare cyber security level, offer staff necessary training to ensure adherence to proper best practices to avoid a security breach, and even employ the aid of a third party to find potential weak points.

July 20: 5 Steps for Planning a Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Project

Thinking of starting a Healthcare AI project? This article explores effective strategies to launch a successful AI project pilot including identifying areas of improvement, using AI in radiology or pathology, optimizing EHR workflow, and more.

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Also, our Stratodesk team will be at ServTech Americas 2018 in Minneapolis starting July 30. We will be meeting with technology professionals and sharing with them how our software, NoTouch, powers the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub and manages a mixed environment of x86 and Workspace Hubs all from one location. If you will be in attendance, don’t forget to stop by and visit with us at our booth.


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