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How Stratodesk Solves Challenges Facing Education VDI

VDI In Education – Whitepaper

Education VDI faces significant obstacles in deploying an effective VDI. Among these challenges are overcoming the Windows difficulty, security, reliability, managing endpoints across multiple sites, and user roles that separate students from faculty and staff. In our recent white paper, we dive into these issues and show you how Stratodesk overcomes common obstacles facing education VDI.

The Obstacles


In order to allow for VDI, organizations must house Windows on each of their endpoint devices. This means extra hours must be spent maintaining devices. Not to mention IT must also provide antivirus and malware protection for each and every endpoint device. To make things worse, different devices house different versions of Windows, which creates even more complexity.


A key concern for education, system admins must not only increase and maintain a high security standard while also decreasing login times, they must enable teachers and students to access all of their apps from any device wherever they are. This causes great concern for IT administrators who now have an equally high demand put not only on budget and security but also on ensuring convenience and flexibility

Reliability and Flexibility 

Without an endpoint solution in place that is hassle free and one that offers a seamless user experience, workers cannot function at peak performance. If there is any hassle at all on the end user, you can quickly lose the benefits of VDI as IT resources are redirected towards aiding and assisting workers. Technology that saves time not only for the worker but also for the IT system admin is of paramount importance.

Multiple Sites and User Roles

Education also faces difficulty scaling their network in order to fit their growing student body, managing endpoints across multiple sites, and separating networks between faculty and students. To solve all of these challenges and more, education IT requires a sophisticated approach to VDI management.

NoTouch Benefits for Education VDI

Though there are many obstacles to overcome in order to deploy an effective VDI, your VDI deployment also offers a significant benefit for your educational institution. With the right solution in place, you can harness the full effect of your education VDI.

Capable of repurposing both old and new devices into high performing, smart VDI Clients, Stratodesk software seeks to unify, standardize, and enhance the end user experience for staff, teachers, and students alike while delivering unparalleled reliability, faster login times, and protecting confidential student and administration data.

Save Costs

NoTouch comes with significant savings benefits and provides a solution that easily repurposes PCs, Laptops and Thin Clients in your VDI into NoTouch clients, operating on NoTouch OS. Not only does NoTouch OS save money by eliminating the need for capital purchases of hardware while eliminating common security threats, our integrated management suite, NoTouch Center, gives complete control over all VDI endpoints across multiple sites from one location. Reduce IT staff hours and hassle with one single endpoint management solution for your entire VDI.

No Windows

NoTouch OS replaces the need to have Windows installed on local devices. In most cases, NoTouch OS is installed directly onto the device’s hard drive. For evaluation purposes or in a BYOD environment, NoTouch can be booted live from a USB without touching the underlying OS. For diskless deployments, NoTouch can be network booted with the integrated PXE server in the management VA.

Increase Security 

NoTouch OS installs directly onto all of your hardware, bare metal, transforming your devices into high performing, NoTouch endpoints. Cancel your malware and antivirus contracts and save money –because NoTouch OS is Linux based, it is impervious to common malware or security exploits.

Manage Multiple Sites and Set User Roles

Take advantage of enterprise grade endpoint management to set user roles between faculty/staff and students and manage multiple sites from the convenience of one location.

Learn more about our solution for education VDI by downloading our recent white paper or simply test out our software for yourself for 90 days.


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