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NoTouch IoT leverages the advanced Stratodesk software suite and revolutionizes IoT deployments at the edge. Manufacturers, enterprises, and organizations across the spectrum finally have a real and efficient technology able to manage, update and maintain their entire IoT deployment.

NoTouch Center

Manage Edge Devices from the Cloud or On-Premises

With our management solution, you can easily manage thousands of IoT devices – bridges as well as sensors – across multiple sites from your browser in one central location.

NoTouch OS

Advanced Linux-based IoT operating system

NoTouch OS is the hardware agnostic, Linux-based OS for your IoT deployment. Capable of solving advanced IoT use cases across multiple industries. NoTouch OS runs on x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi based IoT devices.

Simple, secure, scalable endpoint management for IoT edge devices

Powerful Edge Device Management

With our management solution, you can easily manage thousands of IoT devices – bridges as well as sensors – across multiple sites from your browser in one central location.

Centralized IoT Management

Configure connections, protocols, data paths and gateways without being present at each and every location. Save countless time traveling to remote locations and manually updating devices.

Hardware Agnostic

NoTouch Center is hardware agnostic and manages new and existing x86 and ARM based/Raspberry Pi devices side-by-side, regardless of make, model or manufacturer.

NoTouch is leading the way in IoT endpoint management by making it easier than ever for enterprise IoT to effectively manage and update their entire IoT network.

Automatically Connect Devices
Fast Configuration and Setup
Realtime Device Monitoring
Multi-User Support and Rights Management
Inheritance of Settings
Reporting Tool
Asset Management and Peripheral Inventory
Secure HTTPS/SSL based communication

NoTouch IoT supports Node-RED, MQTT, UDP and TCP

Used across many industries to solve everyday IoT challenges in the areas of agriculture, city planning, manufacturing, healthcare and beyond.

Smart Cities
Energy and Utilities

NoTouch OS Runs on Low Power Cost Effective Devices


A Linux friendly computing device, the fitlet 2 can be leveraged to solve a variety of use cases. Engineered to minimize size and maximize capabilities, durability and thermal performance, the fitlet2 works seamlessly with NoTouch IoT to solve both common and unique use cases. IoT projects require flexibility. For this reason, the fitlet 2 is built with an extension module in the housing to solve the widest range of challenges.


The CompfilePi is highly effective in IIoT deployments. Essentially an industrial touchscreen panel PC built around the Raspberry Pi, the CompfilePi promises to revolutionize how realtime data is leveraged to solve challenges and increase efficiency across multiple industrial settings. NoTouch IoT seamlessly manages your CompfilePis wherever they are.

Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi is the quintessential IoT endpoint computing device, and Stratodesk software announced day one support for it. Complete with next generation capabilities including native dual screen, 4k support, USB 3.0, enriched CPU and GPU, and up to 4 GB RAM, the Raspberry Pi 4 further establishes the Raspberry Pi platform as the defacto IoT edge device.

Nvidia Jetson Nano

Powering the Jetson Nano not only shows Stratodesk software’s versatility, it also demonstrates our unwavering commitment to creating reliable and useful solutions for both enterprise VDI and IoT. What’s more, this solution stands out as a truly herculean feat of technological breakthrough: it brings NVIDIA’s advanced AI proficiency into the Stratodesk NoTouch ecosystem.

Have different IoT devices? Contact us to see how we can help.

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