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NoTouch OS 2.40.2976

NoTouch OS 2.40.2976 brings an updated Citrix Receiver, enables shared Kiosk Workstations, and even makes Node-RED productive for the Raspberry Pi.

Key Updates and Features

Citrix: Update Citrix Receiver to

The Citrix Receiver has been updated to the most current version on all supported platforms. Not only does this give users access to the latest and greatest Citrix innovation and HDX experience, specifically on the Raspberry Pi platform, it adds multiple improvements to performance and configuration of the Secondary Display Adapter (SDA).

Imprivata: Shared Kiosk Workstation mode for Citrix and Horizon View/PCoIP

By enabling doctors and healthcare professionals to use kiosks as shared workstations, we are making your VDI more convenient and secure. Simply login and access your session –when your colleague accesses the same kiosk, he or she will then access his/her own session.

Imprivata: Fingerprint, Secondary Authentication, EPCS

Our implementation of Fingerprint and Secondary Authentication via Imprivata allows you to stay current with laws and regulations that require secondary authentication for the electronic prescription of controlled substances (EPCS).

Stratodesk Makes Appropriate Security Updates for Microsoft CredSSP

We’ve made an update available to NoTouch Desktop customers using FreeRDP that combats the recently exposed vulnerabilities in Microsoft Credential Security Support Provider protocol –the protocol used in its Remote Desktop Provider environment.The update was made to be current with Microsoft’s patch that contained fixes for 75 security bugs along with patches for 15 exposed flaws. In addition to these bugs and flaws, there was one exploit in particular that exposed system admins to possible credential theft.

Support for Node-RED

Node-RED is now supported on the Raspberry Pi. Node-RED is a programming tool used by IoT innovators for the express purpose of communicating between hardware devices, APIs and online services. By supporting Node-Red now along with the fact that we power the Workspace Hub and have a management solution for Raspberry Pi devices reaffirms our commitment to IoT.

Stratodesk Gears Up for .NEXT in London

Your .NEXT Frame Endpoint is Here! We are excited to exhibit at .NEXT this year…

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