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Our New White Paper Explores the Benefits of Using NoTouch in a Healthcare Setting

Healthcare IT traditionally faces unique challenges deploying and managing virtual desktops throughout organizations. Strict regulations, budgets, and requirements to remain flexible and allow mobile workers and BYOD create significant challenges for Healthcare IT. Another challenge, and perhaps the greatest of these, is doing all of the above while also ensuring the highest security standards.

This paper seeks to explore effective strategies that cut costs while increasing security, performance and solve other challenges facing IT system administrators in managing and controlling their network of endpoint devices.

The Paper at a Glance – Summary of Challenges

The Windows Challenge: Even after deciding on the benefits of VDI, Sys Admins are still faced with maintaining endpoints in their organization. But patching and maintenance in a network of thousands of devices is time consuming. Furthermore, you’ll need Windows licenses and malware protection which add additional costs.

The Hardware: after deciding on a VDI provider, organizations will need to either replace existing, outdated devices in order to keep up with the demands of their server environment.

Security and Convenience: security concerns are particularly high in Healthcare as providers must meet hardened and specific requirements on how they protect and transfer patient data. At the same time, organizations must also give providers easy access to the apps and data that they need on the go, regardless of where they happen to be in the hospital.

NoTouch Desktop’s Product Suite – How it Solves Major Challenges Facing Healthcare IT

1. NoTouch Desktop removes the need to house Windows on endpoint devices. NoTouch is Linux based, requires zero maintenance once installed, and is impervious to common security threats and exploits.

2. Repurpose existing hardware into high performing Thin Clients –no capital purchase of hardware required! Because of its low hardware requirements, NoTouch runs on almost every device on the market.

3. Thanks to our partnership with Imprivata and our Linux based OS, healthcare providers can easily and conveniently access their virtual desktops, bring their own devices (BYOD) all while meeting the strictest security requirements.



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