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Technology Partners

Stratodesk works with countless leading technology providers to make sure enterprises and organizations have what they need to solve their complex business challenges directly out of the box. We partner with Virtual Desktop leaders, VDI intelligent analysis, virtual printing solutions, identity authentication, multimedia/graphics solutions and more.


Citrix, a premier Stratodesk partner and industry leader in server based computing (SBC) and desktop virtualization (VDI) solutions.

Inuvika Partner Logo


The Inuvika Enterprise Desktop Client (EDC) is preinstalled on Stratodesk NoTouch. It gives users a rich desktop and application experience on lower cost devices, including Raspberry Pi.

Microsoft And Stratodesk


Stratodesk integrates and supports Microsoft endpoint technologies such RDP, Azure Virtual Desktop, Teams, Azure Cloud and more.

Nutanix, Stratodesk Technology Partner


NoTouch integrates with Nutanix Frame to bring next generation endpoint computing and automated management to your Cloud deployment, for x86 and ARM based devices.

Stratodesk And Oracle Partnership


Oracle and Stratodesk work together to provide the most powerful and easiest-to-use endpoint OS for Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD).

Teradici And Stratodesk


Leverage PCoIP Software Client and Teradici Cloud Access Software with NoTouch Desktop and unlock unparalleled flexibility to connect to your preferred Cloud solution.

VMware And Stratodesk Partnership


Stratodesk is VMware-certified and a member of the VDI Alliance. Blast Extreme, PCoIP and RDP protocols are supported, as is connectivity to all versions of VMware Horizon.

Integration Partners

Stratodesk And Caradigm


By partnering with Caradigm, Stratodesk brings sought after solutions for healthcare IT to your NoTouch environment.

Stratodesk And Cisco Partnership


Through our partnership with Cisco, Stratodesk is able to fully support both the original Cisco IPSec VPN client as well as the more modern SSL VPNs.


Stratodesk partners with Control UP to enable real-time monitoring of physical, virtual, hyper-converged assets, just like a spreadsheet.


Stratodesk and CrowdStrike have partnered up to bring added security for VDI Thin Client endpoints.

Stratodesk And Devacon Partnership


Devacon’s specialities include dictation, speech recognition, virtualization, planning and installation.Stratodesk is one of the few supported vendors for Devacon Thin Clients.

Stratodesk And Evidian Partnership


By partnering with Evidian and supporting Evidian Enterprise SSO, Stratodesk brings a complete all-in-one solution for identity and access management to your VDI.

Stratodesk And FabulaTech Partnership


Stratodesk is fully integrated with USB over Remote Desktop, providing generic USB device redirection for all users of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services via the RDP protocol.

Stratodesk And Grundig Partnership


NoTouch comes with support for Grundig products, enabling speech/dictation to be used on any hardware, with a variety of VDI technologies.

Stratodesk And Imprivata Partnership.


Stratodesk partners with Imprivata to bring Single Sign-On features to your VDI or DaaS deployment. Stratodesk delivers the #1 endpoint experience for healthcare professionals.

Liquidware And Stratodesk


Stratodesk’s Liquidware integration brings advanced insights into your endpoint network, delivering advanced management and endpoint monitoring and diagnostics to your NoTouch ecosystem.

Lakeside On NoTouch OS


Lakeside, the creator of SysTrack, integrates with Stratodesk, making specific and detailed insights into endpoint management a possibility to enterprises and organizations worldwide.

Stratodesk And MediaInterface Partnership


Stratodesk’s software fully supports SpeaKING, the holistic digital system solution for language-based document workflow.

Stratodesk And Nuance Partnership


Stratodesk’s NoTouch software supports Nuance PowerMic capabilities, letting customers take full advantage of advanced dictation software.

Stratodesk And Parallels Partnership


Stratodesk partners with Parallels to bring cross-platform solutions to your NoTouch ecosystem. Access applications and files you need on any device.

Stratodesk And Philips Partnership


By partnering with Philips, Stratodesk brings speech mic capabilities to your NoTouch, changing how lawyers, doctors, dentists and other professionals.

Stratodesk And Semaker


Stratodesk now partners with SecMaker to bring passwordless logins to your secure, NoTouch deployment.

SentryBay New

SentryBey and Stratodesk partnership benefits companies by delivering advanced security options to prevent keylogging and screen capture on Stratodesk’s operating system layer.

Stratodesk And ThinPrint Partnership


Stratodesk has been collaborating with ThinPrint for years to bring the top notch printing solution to your VDI and server based computing environment.

Want to Become a Partner?

We encourage innovators to contact us about potential opportunities and becoming a partner. We are committed to integrating partner solutions into our ecosystem to deliver customers the most complete end-user solution they need in order to do business.

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