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Citrix, a premier Stratodesk partner and industry leader in server-based computing (SBC) and desktop virtualization (VDI) solutions, is known for its XenApp and XenDesktop products. Not only does NoTouch Desktop support these products, Stratodesk also holds “Citrix Ready” and “HDX Ready” certifications. NoTouch Desktop includes Citrix Workspace App (Citrix Receiver) preinstalled and easy to configure via Stratodesk’s scalable NoTouch Center management platform.

Citrix and Stratodesk partnership

What’s more, NoTouch OS was chosen as the operating system to power the new Citrix Ready Workspace Hub, and our management center, capable of managing both x86 and Raspberry Pi devices, comes at no added cost.

Stratodesk includes a full native StoreFront implementation that allows easy access to contemporary and future StoreFront instances – whether your users want to full-screen into one published desktops, or use separate applications, NoTouch Desktop will excel in both scenarios.

Both the ICA and HDX protocols are supported, as is connectivity to legacy Citrix products such as Presentation Server or MetaFrame.

VP at Citrix, Chris Fleck, on Stratodesk partnership and the Citrix Ready workspace hub

NoTouch Desktop is the Endpoint OS and Management Solution of Choice for your VDI

Without Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop you have to either download and deploy the Citrix Workspace App (Citrix Receiver) on your own, which includes keeping Windows installed on desktops, or purchase entirely new Thin Clients, which can be pricey and lock you into specific hardware.

The NoTouch option is a much better way to run your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (XenApp or XenDesktop) endpoints.

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Benefits of NoTouch OS for Citrix Customers

Repurpose your PCs into smart, secure “zero-type” software-defined Thin Clients

If you already own Thin Clients, install NoTouch on them as well. NoTouch transforms your Thin Clients, Laptops PCs and Raspberry Pi devices into standardized Zero Clients

Enjoy the central management and same consistent look and feel for end users and system administrators across all your different hardware generations

Easily scale up your VDI with any new Thin Client hardware and run NoTouch on it, or supercharge your VDI with the new low cost high performance Citrix Ready Workspace Hub

Click the link below to learn more about the benefits of NoTouch Desktop for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops users:

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