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Stratodesk and FabulaTech partnership

FabulaTech, the leader in USB virtualization and redirection, is the creator of the “USB over Remote Desktop”. Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop is fully integrated with USB over Remote Desktop, providing generic USB device redirection for all users of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services via the RDP protocol.

FabulaTech’s client component (the “Workstation part”) is already integrated in NoTouch OS, so absolutely no installation on the endpoints is necessary. Users can easily get the Windows-side components and license keys from FabulaTech’s Stratodesk Edition web page.

NoTouch Desktop is the only hardware-agnostic “thin” operating system that runs on any PC, Thin Client Laptop or Raspberry Pi, providing a unified endpoint experience over different types of endpoint devices. Users of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services or the RDP protocol in general are those that benefit most from the Stratodesk/FabulaTech partnership. Stratodesk’s software provides a solution that allows for seamless use of locally connected USB devices in their Microsoft Remote Desktop terminal sessions.

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