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Stratodesk Maximizes User Experience for Achieva Credit Union

Stratodesk’s Unique Take on RERO Development Strategy Is a Key Product Differentiator in EUC

Achieva’s laptop fleet initially consisted of various hardware models before migrating them to all HP. Security is top of mind for Achieva and they wanted to move away from the burden of managing and securing Microsoft Windows on their endpoints. The ability to effortlessly and securely deploy Stratodesk was an enormous time and cost savings for the IT team.


  • Windows security issues—Achieva’s IT team needed increased solutions to guard against data security threats. They wanted to improve efficiency while implementing patches and updates.
  • Secure remote workstation access—Achieva utilizes remote workstations for employees and relies on continued security when launching VDI environments.
  • Physical updates—When passwords are updated in a virtual environment, the change doesn’t occur in the physical environment. Keeping physical devices consistently updated means more work for the IT team.


  • Increased cybersecurity
  • Saved time in deployment and implementing updates
  • Ability to manage endpoints remotely from anywhere at any time while improving user experience and reducing cost.

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