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VMware and Stratodesk Working Together

vmware horizon thin client

Unlike similar solutions on the market, Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop already includes the latest VMware Horizon client. Thus, there is no need to deploy Horizon clients on your desktops anymore. What’s more, Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop takes care of upgrading your Horizon clients for you. In addition, Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop is affordably-priced and requires little effort to set up.

The included NoTouch Center allows effective and automated management of all your devices – conveniently from one location. Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop includes the Stratodesk virtual appliance and PXE server for your Horizon environment. Your Stratodesk NoTouch endpoints can also serve as satellite PXE servers if needed to manage endpoints at multiple sites.

“We’ve been very pleased with our VMware Horizon deployment. Not only are we pleased to see it meet our needs, we’re especially pleased to see that Stratodesk solutions enable VDI over wireless for repurposed laptops, as well as make centralized management easy. We’ve definitely seen huge savings because of Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop. Thanks to the integration with VMware Horizon, we can avoid pricey and unnecessary investments in hardware.”


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