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The Ultra-Secure OS for Financial and Legal Services

Implementing a VDI in the Financial and Legal Services sectors poses significant challenges to IT managers. Specific needs including dictation software and extra demands on a limited IT staff can make the switch daunting.

Some of the biggest issues facing Service firms and organizations include:

Limited IT Man Power

Even the largest firms will still rely on a limited number of skilled IT personal. What’s more, you can’t expect every worksite to have a skilled IT manager. You will need a solution that can centrally manage all of your work sites.

Limited Budget

There are many costs associated with running a VDI. On premise servers, endpoint devices, expensive licenses and upkeep can make VDI a budget nightmare.

Specific Software Needs

Law Firms in particular require dictation support from their end devices.


Protecting your data is necessary. A traditional VDI environment with Windows installed on the local device poses significant security vulnerabilities. Opening up your VDI to remote or mobile workers also opens up your VDI to significant security threats.

NoTouch solves common obstacles facing service firms

Reduced Man Hours

Once installed, NoTouch OS requires no further attention on the local level. Manage thousands of devices from one location – empowering your VDI while reducing your workload.

Low Cost

Leverage your existing hardware and remove the need to invest in pricey endpoints. NoTouch OS repurposes your existing hardware into high performing Thin Clients. Scale up and add new devices with the Citrix Ready workspace hub –the low cost high performing Raspberry Pi endpoint powered by NoTouch OS.

Support Critical Features

Dictation support and flexibility to support your organization’s critical software needs. We also make updates available based on customer needs.

Protect Vital Data

Your data doesn’t ever leave your server. NoTouch OS installs onto your endpoint devices bare metal and eliminates the need for any locally installed Windows. Because NoTouch is Linux based, it is virtually impervious to common security threats targeting x86 devices.

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NoTouch Desktop runs in your preferred VDI environment. Power your PCs, Thin Clients, Laptops and Raspberry Pis with NoTouch OS and avoid the costly mistake of using Windows lockdown.

NoTouch OS standardizes your endpoints and brings total VDI management and security to your organization. Turn your existing hardware assets into high performing endpoints. Standardize and secure your VDI with the most advanced, Linux based OS on the market.

NoTouch Desktop is the Endpoint OS and Management Solution of choice for Financial and Legal service firms.

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