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Remote Desktop Services

The effective endpoint OS and management solution for your Microsoft VDI

Stratodesk NoTouch is the solution of choice whether you are planning to use Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or you are currently connected and want to scale your Microsoft VDI. NoTouch includes the FreeRDP software for instant RDP connectivity.

Challenges facing Remote Desktop Services Customers Include

High Maintenance Cost and Effort

Without a standardized endpoint architecture in place, your IT staff will have to maintain, patch and update many different versions of Windows and the Remote Desktop Client on various endpoint devices, no matter if you use a Windows lock-down approach or not.

High Security Expense and Risk

Even if you use a Windows lockdown tool you will still invest a fortune in antivirus subscriptions in order to keep your endpoints virus free.

Massive Investment when Standardizing Hardware

In order to escape the management challenge of having to maintain Windows on different endpoints (PC, Laptop, Thin Clients) you may want to standardize your hardware. A complete switch to dedicated VDI devices such as Thin or Zero Clients is expensive and locks you into a specific vendor.

Management Nightmare

Without an enterprise grade, remote management solution, adding new devices or updating existing ones can be time consuming and stressful.

You know all the advantages of VDI already, which is why you are considering or using RDS. However, in order to get the full benefit of your Microsoft VDI you will need to look outside the Windows lock-down approach.

NoTouch Desktop Solves Obstacles Facing Organizations Using RDS

Cut Your Security Bill

NoTouch OS installs directly onto all of your hardware, bare metal, transforming your devices into high performing thin endpoints. Cancel your malware and antivirus contracts and save money –because NoTouch OS is Linux based, it is impervious to common malware or security exploits.

Leverage Existing Hardware

NoTouch’s advanced repurposing capabilities eliminate the need to make expensive hardware investments. Convert laptops, PCs, Thin Clients and ARM devices into NoTouch endpoints.

Standardize Endpoints

Standardize and unify your endpoints by repurposing existing devices. Add new NoTouch devices and benefit from one OS and management solution for all your VDI endpoints. NoTouch OS has the open source, FreeRDP client already built in and secures your endpoints against security threats whether you are accessing an on premise or cloud hosted VDI.

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NoTouch Desktop Extended Benefits

NoTouch OS Doesn’t Need Windows in Order to Run

NoTouch OS replaces the need to have Windows installed on local devices. In most cases, NoTouch OS is installed directly onto the device’s hard drive. For evaluation purposes or in a BYOD environment, NoTouch can be booted live from a USB without touching the underlying OS. For diskless deployments NoTouch can be network booted with the integrated PXE server in the management VA.

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Remote Desktop Client (FreeRDP) Included

NoTouch includes the most current FreeRDP client with RemoteFX to seamlessly connect to your Microsoft VDI. We also include the legacy rdesktop client and enable you to add RDP published resources to the NoTouch start menu.

Easy to Install and Boot

Choose from several boot and install options including: Live Boot or hard drive installation from USB, CD-ROM and PXE Boot. Take advantage of MSI Installation for massive rollouts and Live Boot mode to enable BYOD.

Peripheral Support

NoTouch supports device forwarding, local printers, storage via USB sticks/thumb drives, and smart cards including CAC and PIV cards.

Scripting Interface

Get added functionality with NoTouch’s scripting interface. NoTouch includes several scripting engines including JavaScript/ECMAScript, Python, and Lua.

Stratodesk and FabulaTech partnership

USB Redirection/Enhanced Remote Desktop

Redirect any peripheral to a remote desktop session. Stratodesk supports the USB for Remote Desktop product available from FabulaTech.

Enterprise Grade Features

Get high performance delivery of remote desktops with USB redirection and rich media. Benefit from enhanced graphical capabilities thanks to RemoteFX, and support for enterprise grade features like Skype for Business.

Maintain Control of Your Endpoints with NoTouch Center

NoTouch takes the pain out of configuring and managing your endpoints while still giving you full control over your entire network of VDI devices. Use Stratodesk NoTouch Center for remote, enterprise-grade management of all your devices. Easy deployment, update, device monitoring, asset management, reporting and advanced certificate handling are among NoTouch Center’s most popular administration features used by small enterprises and big corporations alike.

Simple Pricing Structure

Just one price – that includes NoTouch OS and NoTouch Center, available as VA with an integrated PXE server for easy roll out and network boot. No hidden fees or costs.

Cloud Based Management Available

Ask us about the cloud based management solution, NoTouch Cloud, for advanced off-premise device management.

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NoTouch is leading the way in intelligent VDI endpoint management. Download your free trial today.

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