Financial Services

The financial industries contains so many different organizations from regional or boutique banks over brokers to large insurance companies and multinational banks. While it is important in smaller organizations to keep endless PC work away from the important IT personnel, large organizations will value the multilevel inheritance with reporting, compliance and monitoring most.

Whatever solution is used on the server side – be it Citrix (XenApp as well as XenDesktop), VMware Horizon View, or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, vWorkspace or others, connectivity to your server can be taken for granted with NoTouch Desktop. Let NoTouch power your PCs, your Thin Clients, instead of the quagmire of old Windows installations, Windows lockdown tools and different proprietary vendor-specific Thin Client platforms.

NoTouch Desktop offers, among many others, these benefits:

  • Hardware agnostic. NoTouch runs on standard PCs, and also on Thin Clients: whatever you have bought yesterday, it won’t be in your way today and tomorrow. NoTouch OS runs on all these machines and manages them all. NoTouch allows you to reuse existing hardware as well as buy new.
  • Scalability redefined. Our management tool scales up indefinitely. Our communication architecture supports large, global corporate networks, LAN, WAN, MAN, VPN, home workers.
  • Authentication support. Smartcard support, RFID tag readers work with NoTouch.
  • Flexible network architecture with central administration. Can you integrate home workers? What about consultants and part-time workers? Give them access, but don’t sacrifice security or manageability – that is what only NoTouch does well.
  • Cost effective. It may be tempting to do nothing at all or go with so-called “free” tools for simple Windows lock-down. But these add complexity, they don’t reduce complexity. NoTouch builds on open-source software, but comes as a packaged ready-to-go-solution with commercial support for a very little price, so it combines the best of both worlds.
  • Fault-tolerant architecture. Our system is designed carefully so that not one component failure can bring the whole system down.
  • Central Management. Includes tactical overview, group-based multilevel inheritance and individual group and client actions. Syncs with Active Directory and Novell eDirectory.
  • We support change. Did your company recently acquire another company? How will you get “their” IT on the same page as “your” IT? NoTouch is the perfect tool to unify IT infrastructures. What if the “other” person has NoTouch instead of you – then they might set the standards, so rather be first!
  • Agile partnership. When you have made your decision, you want to see things moving fast – as a lot depends on it. Stratodesk is an agile company willing and capable of supporting you fast, then, when you need it.
  • Fast and free support. Our basic e-mail support is free and you most likely won’t need any premium options.

Banks and financial services providers use Stratodesk NoTouch happily. Contact us for more information and customer testimonials or simply download our free trial!