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VDI for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Running a VDI is tough for SMBs – after all, end users and senior management expect more or less the same service level as big enterprises would, but with less staff, less consulting and less training.

Common Obstacles Facing SMBs Implementing VDI

Tight Budget

Any SMB will have less budget to devote to implementing VDI in their organization. After all, there are many costs associated with running a VDI, including server costs, device purchases, and licensing among others.

Inability to Scale

With the many demands placed on SMBs, it can be difficult to scale your VDI across multiple work sites and still get an ROI.

Too Many IT Man Hours

Extra IT time is not something most SMBs have. Often times you are the single IT Manager for your entire business. Which means you don’t have time to spend on configuring windows on endpoint devices, or dealing with managing them.

Maintaining Security

Keeping your VDI safe from malicious attacks can be a headache. Not only do you not have the time to effectively manage your VDI endpoints, you also have the added responsibility of dealing with malware updates and security threats.

NoTouch Desktop Solves Common Challenges Facing Small and Medium Businesses Implementing VDI

Low Cost

NoTouch OS repurposes your existing hardware and transforms them into high performing endpoints. Eliminate the need for pricy capital purchases of hardware.

Easily Scalable

NoTouch OS can scale up indefinitely. Manage thousands of devices with NoTouch Center. Incorporate Raspberry Pi devices with NoTouch Center’s management capabilities –the only management solution capable of managing a network of both x86 devices and Raspberry Pis.

Self Sustaining Endpoints

Once NoTouch OS is installed to your endpoints they will perform indefinitely. Our low footprint Linux based OS does not require any man hours to keep updated on the local level. Easily manage all of your devices including updates from one location.

Fully Secure

NoTouch OS is a Linux based OS which means you won’t need to invest in costly malware software. NoTouch OS defends against third party applications and is virtually impervious to cyber attacks.

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NoTouch Desktop runs in your preferred VDI environment. Power your PCs, Thin Clients, Laptops and Raspberry Pis with NoTouch OS and avoid the costly mistake of using Windows lockdown.

NoTouch Desktop is the #1 endpoint OS and management solution for Small and Medium Businesses, and Enterprises.

NoTouch OS standardizes your endpoints and brings total VDI management and security to your organization. Turn your existing hardware assets into high performing endpoints. Standardize and secure your VDI with the most advanced, Linux based OS on the market.

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