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Stratodesk VMworld 2018

Are you attending VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas, NV?  If so, we invite you to add Stratodesk to your MUST SEE list of vendors. Attendees who sign up for a live demo in advance will also get one free Starbucks gift card when they visit our booth. Click the link below to find out more:


Interviewer: Hello everyone. I’m here with Hernan Contreras from Stratodesk who will be sharing with us what you can expect to see at Stratodesk’s booth at VMworld 2018, happening at the end of August in Las Vegas. Just as a little background, Stratodesk is the creator of the #1 easiest to use endpoint OS and management solution. Their software is entirely hardware agnostic and runs on and centrally manages x86 or ARM based devices, including the Raspberry Pi.

Hernan: Yes, that’s right. And thanks so much for having me today.

I: As a VMworld 2018 sponsor, could you give us a rundown of your booth setup this year. What’s your booth number? Where are you located?

H: Stratodesk will be located at booth #2344 at VMworld this year in Mandalay Bay. Our team of knowledgeable tech professionals will be present at our booth, showing live, in-depth demos of NoTouch software. This is a great opportunity for VMworld attendees to get an inside look at how the #1 endpoint OS and management solution helps you unlock the full benefit of your VMware VDI from the people who know best.

I:  What message should an attendee take back with them to their boss after visiting your booth? How can they internally sell your technology?


  • First off, Stratodesk is the #1 endpoint solution for VMware users and runs on any x86 endpoint device. In addition to VMware, Stratodesk also fully supports many VDI environments such as Citrix, Oracle, Microsoft, as well as DaaS setups.
  • Secondly, Stratodesk dramatically reduces costs for enterprise IT. Instead of purchasing new hardware, repurpose your existing endpoint devices into enterprise-ready, low cost NoTouch endpoints managed by Stratodesk’s management solution, NoTouch Center.
  • And lastly, Stratodesk ensures security on the endpoint (no local Windows needed) and frees you from vendor lock-in, which allows you to retain complete control over what hardware you choose to buy.

I:  Could you give readers a few reasons why your product or service is considered unique?

H:  Delivering security and convenience is something we are always striving for. NoTouch is the endpoint OS and management solution for the future. Enterprises rely on us to be more flexible, scalable and reliable than any other solution on the market. Our software runs on ARM based devices including the Raspberry Pi and of course most x86 devices. We are the only software that is able to power and manage both in the same environment.

I: Thank you, Hernan. Everyone, make sure to add Stratodesk to your must see list of vendors this year at VMworld 2018.

H: Thanks again, it was a pleasure to talk and I look forward to seeing everyone at booth #2344!


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