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Support and Services

All Stratodesk customers are entitled to free email-based support. Thanks to our excellent support staff spread out across Europe and North America, we are able to serve our customers at any time. Stratodesk NoTouch software is a powerful, minimal footprint solution. For this reason, extraordinary scenarios regarding IT support are infrequent. However, as with any software-based solution, IT concerns do arise. Stratodesk’s team of IT support professionals is second to none. We work with you quickly whenever you need us. Zero forms. Zero frustrations. Email us at [email protected] with any technical concerns you may have, or have a look at our Knowledge Base for answers to common challenges.

For enterprise needs we do offer premium support options with guaranteed SLAs, phone, email, and even on-premise support and services.

Standard  Support
Basic Free Support.

  • Email response
  • Knowledge Base Access

ENT Support
Level 2 Support access.

  • 24 hour response to opened cases
  • Remote assistance
  • Designated Support email
  • Upgrade/Migration planning assistance
  • Same Day response for Priority 1 issues
  • NTC down impacting deployment or updates

TAM Support
Highest Level Support. Customer must have Active ENT Support and Licensing.

  • Designated Sales Engineer
  • Scope assistance (does not include potential NRE agreements for feature enhancements)
  • Single point of contact for technical issues beyond normal support
  • Knowledge transfer sessions
  • Escalation assistance
  • Product roadmap reviews
  • Quarterly cadence calls between Customer and Sales/TAM team

To purchase ENT or TAM support options, please contact your local Stratodesk office or your Stratodesk Sales representative.

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