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What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Is The Cloud Good For Your Business?

Cloud computing –you’ve probably already heard about it. Today, the Cloud is everywhere. Its use for storage and applications and business servers is growing increasingly popular as businesses and organizations of all sizes are switching to cloud technology in order to reduce the costs, overhead and physical space needed for computing. But the term itself is often misused. So what is cloud computing and how does it apply to you?

What is Cloud Computing?

Thanks to faster internet connections, cloud computing has created opportunities for businesses and individuals around the world to get better, faster and more reliable access to the software they need to get their work done. Today, for example, even a free Gmail account can quickly transfer massive files while also providing users with a wide range of extra work tools –also free. Anywhere that you have access to the internet, you can also have access to all of your apps and files.

That means expensive offline software or hardware to run business operations is no longer necessary. Instead, Cloud solutions allow businesses to scale indefinitely while remaining perpetually up-to-date with the latest software releases.

Instead of investing in servers to run enterprise grade software programs, businesses are investing in massive amounts of dedicated, secure cloud storage and space that enables them to run the most powerful software, effectively solving challenges facing the enterprise.

Benefits of the Cloud for Businesses

Cost Savings

Cloud removes the need to house servers on premises, instead pushing all that work off onto a third party Cloud provider. Not only does this save money on the upfront investment required for a cloud deployment, it also removes all the overhead involved with maintaining those servers.

Companies also avoid having to invest in the entire amount of business/enterprise grade software upfront. Most cloud service offerings are billed on a monthly subscription basis. This pushes the fees out across multiple months, thereby avoiding the upfront investment and letting businesses retain full control over how many subscriptions they want without being permanently locked in.

Management Options

The Cloud allows businesses to streamline management processes and saves IT overhead. Updates are applied automatically and the service provider is responsible for keeping the software running smoothly. Additionally, businesses no longer need to maintain servers on premises in order to house their software. The software is instead installed on a server in a third party data center.

Benefits For VDI and IoT

The Cloud is not only beneficial for companies looking for more affordable, reliable and flexible access to software –it has parallel benefits for VDI and IoT. In the case of VDI, organizations can get access to their Virtual Desktops without needing to invest in costly, on premises servers. These desktops can also be acquired on a subscription basis, which means that companies are not going to have to shell out costly sums up front for an entire server infrastructure before they can benefit from VDI.

IoT and the Cloud also have a unique relationship with one another –and companies are still learning just how best to take advantage of it. Take, for example, the new Citrix Ready workspace hub product available from ViewSonic and NComputing. The workspace hub seeks to bridge the gap between digital and physical workspaces –all while solving daily challenges facing the enterprise. The Cloud enables companies to cost effectively implement IoT devices, and NoTouch IoT allows companies to seamlessly manage all of these endpoints from from one location.

Secure and Accessible with NoTouch Software 

In the case of VDI, DaaS and IoT with NoTouch, your data is already safe by removing the need to house windows and data on your endpoint device. The Cloud adds another layer of security by removing the need to protect your data on premises. This can save you from the worst case scenario security breaches, as long as your cloud provider doesn’t experience any security breaches on their end. As previously mentioned, housing your data and apps in the Cloud also allows your business a greater degree of autonomy and flexibility. This means that your end users can effectively change offices or work from home or on the go with ease.

Want to Learn More?

Stratodesk NoTouch Cloud software is the ideal compliment to DaaS and IoT endpoints. It allows businesses to take full advantage of their deployment by removing the need to house endpoint management on premises. It even allows enterprises to seamlessly manage their Rapsberry Pi based IoT devices wherever they are from one location. Want to learn more about NoTouch for DaaS deployments and NoTouch IoT. Just click the embedded links or reach out to us directly via our contact form.

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