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Patient Engagement Technology and Emerging Technologies for Healthcare IT

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Missed last week’s Tweets? If so, take a moment to browse our carefully curated news stories that are relevant to sysadmins and IT professionals. This week we’ve compiled a list of a few of our most engaging articles focused on Healthcare IT, digital transformation, and IoT. For more stories like these, follow us on Twitter, and stay current with our blog for the latest news from Stratodesk and the worlds of Healthcare IT, VDI, IoT and EUC.

August 13: Digital transformation – How enterprises can up their game

In this article, explore how enterprises can overcome the “fear of the unknown” and solve complex challenges ensuing from digital transformation. Affording better visibility may be the only solution for ever increasing points of failure and layers of application complexity.

August 14: What is the Future for Patient Engagement Technology?

Healthcare IT faces significant challenges in making interactions with patients more intuitive, personalized and efficient. While the use of technology has improved patient engagement, experts believe more advancements are to come that will significantly improve the ability of the patient to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

August 15: Citrix is a Leader in Two MarketScape Reports

Stratodesk partner Citrix is named a leader in Worldwide Unified Endpoint Management and Enterprise Mobility Management –a testament to the positive business outcomes users get from Citrix Technology.

August 16: Emerging Technologies that Could Benefit the Healthcare Sector

Three elements in particular will have a great impact on the future of Healthcare. These include Digital Transformation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain Technology. Together, these advances are expected to make healthcare better, more affordable, easily accessible and manageable, more accurate and more efficient for physicians, patients, hospital staff and administrators.

August 17: Can IoT really help provide better healthcare?

IoT has the potential to be a major game changer for Healthcare by empowering remote management of patients, infants, enhanced inventory management, and much more.

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